Thursday, May 18, 2006

Prostitution is Wide Open In Memphis

I recently got some junk email that confirmed a passing notion I had about what is going on in Memphis and the metro area. It seems there are call girls using the internet to provide "Escorts" for businessmen or others and to accompany men to Tunica. Prositution appears to have been legalized in Memphis, TN.

A simple Google search on "escorts memphis" revealed what is going on - unchecked.
Here is that link:,GGLG:2005-33,GGLG:en&q=escort+memphis+

Here are a few examples:

And the list goes on and on and on. I haven't heard of any Police Dept. or Sheriff's Office doing anything about this, so I guess it has been legalized! Memphis is now officially - wide open!


Mempho-nympho said...

I like prostitutes. They perform a needed service and help the local economy, except for the drugs they use. I guess even that helps the economy though. It makes it so we need guys like you to arrest them!

John Harvey said...

True, true, true.

I once arrested a burglar and he was telling me how I hated him because he was a thief. I informed him that just the opposite was true. He was out there stimulating the economy and providing me with a job that I enjoyed very much - putting people like him behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Why should a business transaction between adults be a crime? I'd rather see prostitution legalized, regulated, and taxed like every other transaction. Health cards, etc. ...

John Harvey said...

Well, it has something to do with this thingy they call a "law." Prostitution is probably considered a bad thing because of the things that go with it, drugs, slavery and the spin-off of many other types of crimes, not to mention the std problem.

I'm not out to change anyone's mind on the subject, but I've been in this (law enforcement, not prostitution) business a long time and I don't believe prostitution makes a community better. I believe it makes it worse and denegrates women in general. A woman should not have to do that to survive.