Saturday, September 03, 2005

What to do?

What do you do with the situation in New Orleans, go about your daily routine in your nice, dry, comfortable home, or put your hands on the plow? Not everyone can go there, but most can find some way to help. I recommend people take time to put themself in our fellow citizen's shoes. Wouldn't you think help was on the way? Wouldn't you think, this is the U.S.A. and we take care of our own? Not only do we take care of every other nation in the world, we take care of our own, especially in times of trouble. Today is the day! Take a stand for what is right and get on board.

My friend, Randy Wade and I have been discussing what we might possibly do to help in the relief effort in New Orleans and have come to a decision –ROAD TRIP! We are getting a bunch of cops (retired and active) to go down and try to help out. This trip will be Sept 25th – 30th and even though this is the first day, we have already got several on board.

From the Sheriff’s Office:

Retired Captain Mike Bonham
Sgt. Michael Pope
Officer Michael Pryor
Retired Chief Joe Gurley
Retired Adm Asst. Randy Wade
Lt. John Harvey
Retired Capt. John Boggan

I’ve also contacted a few of my (smokeeater friends) because firemen tend to be a lot like us, in that they hired on to help.

If you can go and feel led to do that, we would welcome you. If you can’t go, but can help raise funds for the trip, or get some water, food or toilet items, that will help too. I am going to be taking a mobile satellite system down and setting up a network so some of the people will be able to communicate with their families. We will also be working through FEMA and the Red Cross on where we are needed. I’ve got something in the works from FedEx to help get whatever we gather shipped down there.

This is the day to take a stand and do what you would hope others would do for you, if you were so unfortunate as to have had this catastrophe land in your back yard. Talk to God and see what He would have you do, then follow His lead.


John Harvey

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ClayWatson said...

"What to do about the situation in New Orleans?" Please visit John's

I think we should remember, however, that while New Orleans gets most all of the media attention, the rest of the affected areas in the Gulf Coast did NOT become jungles -- and realize what the differences are.