Saturday, April 08, 2006

Help us fix the Election Commission

The local election commission has failed the citizens of Shelby County. Greg Duckett, Chairman of this body, is responsibile for making sure things are being done in a proper manner. Duckett, James Johnson, the "executive director", and all the election commissioners - Republican and Democrat - are also responsible for this mess . They either knew or should have known that there were problems. If they knew they should have been shouting from the roof tops until the problems got fixed. If they didn't know, they should have.

Every time I have raised the issue of a systematic problem, Greg Duckett has stepped to the microphone to say I don't know what I'm talking about. Then after a few days, he has to come back to say there may be some problems. Yes, there are problems and the problems have to do with the failure of the commission to do things in a "businesslike manner." We need an election commission and an executive director who are committed to ensuring an equitable system is operating in Shelby County.

Here are some of the problems I have found:

1. People voting from vacant lots.
2. Felons voting.
3. Over 10,000 deceased voters still on the rolls.
4. Over 1300 voters with two registration numbers.
5. People voting in districts where they don't live.

The Commercial Appeal found the dead voters and more after I sent my information to them. It wasn't until I sent pictures of the vacant lots that they really got interested, but once they got on the story, it mushroomed. It isn't over either. There will be more to follow, as they say. . . .

I have asked to be appointed to Mayor Wharton's citizen's review committee, but I'm starting to believe this is all smoke and mirrors, because that was a couple of months ago and nothing has happened. It is for that reason that I'm asking every concerned citizen of Shelby County to join me in trying to fix the election commission. I believe we may have to file a lawsuit to force the election commission to purge the dead people from it's rolls and to revamp the process so that many of these problems can't exist. If you are interested in helping fix this problem, send me an email with your contact information. Feel free to post your comments for others to see also.



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Anonymous said...

I agree that there are many problems with the election process. I didn't realize until I went to vote that my voting district was not correct on my voter registration card. Obviously they changed the voting districts and did not mail new cards. When I questioned the commission, they say they now mail new cards when districts change but they use to just put the notice in the newspaper. I don't subscribe to the newspaper. It's ridiculous how hard it is to figure out and know your voting district.

Dwight Waller