Monday, August 14, 2006

Number 2 tries harder

It appears Larry Wayne West has been arrested again. While he is trying to become the number one, most arrested person in Shelby County, he is now at 156 arrests. However, Kimberly Johnson has also moved up by one to 201 (if you count misdemeanor citations - which some do). I'm thinking Kimberly will continue to pull away in this race, because she is working the streets and when she doesn't get physically arrested, she gets a "hall pass" otherwise known as a misdemeanor citation.

Misdemeanor citations are a wonderful invention of the legislature. They were invented to let criminals know they can continue their criminal ways without the police getting in their way, so long as they don't make a mistake and commit a felony or a serious misdemeanor in the presence of an officer. (ONE OF THE ABSOLUTE WORST LAWS EVER PASSED)

At least Larry is still in jail. He can't make the $100.00 bail apparently. I wonder what the system is doing to try to "rehabilitate" him after 156 arrests? I'm thinking - nothing. I think he needs to be in a program of some sort, like maybe a program at the correctional center for 11 months and 29 days where he might do such interesting things as cut grass, pick up trash, farm, etc. Mr West is due in General Sessions divison 11 on the 17th at 9:00am. I'll be interested to see what the judge does. He will be getting an attorney appointed at his next court date, or so it seems, since he can't make the $100.00 bond.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever send stuff like this to the tv news & Commercial Appeal? Maybe of more people knew just how much taxpayer money, law enforcement officer & court time people like Mr. West waste the politicians coul dbe pressured into changing the laws.

John Harvey said...

Mike Fleming has talked about it quite a bit and I've talked with Marc Perrusquia of the Commercial Appeal. He said he might do a story on it. I put it out here for people (like you) to discover and talk about within their sphere of influence. That's how things get changed. I'll be sending this info to judges, the AG, city council members and county commissioners after the first of September. I'll also be sending it to the news media in press release form.

What disturbs me is that we don't track the repeat, repeat, repeat offender. There are over 17,000 people who have been arrested over 10 times in Shelby County. They account for over 250,000 arrests and have cost the taxpayers over 125 million dollars. Still the doors keep revolving.