Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CyberWatch here to help

CyberWatch (Phase I) has just been released. Beta testers have been telling us this is an excellent tool for the citizens. One of our precinct commanders tells me burglaries are down 25% in the areas that are using it. That's significant!

Here's the link to the CyberWatch page!

You can signup at the MPD's main webpage also.


Manny said...

I just signed up for CyberWatch and I think that obtaining crime information will help all of us to be more aware & observant of our neighborhood.

We have a lot of drug traffic in my area. A lot of young kids are wasting their lives. I have watched the kids grow up over the last 4 years but they just keep hanging around the drug dealers.

I would like to know what specific things I can do to make my neighborhood safer.

John Harvey said...

CyberWatch is undergoing a metamorphosis and I'm sure it will for a while. One of the next things that will be implemented is a section that lets you send us information on criminal behavior. If you have drug dealers in the area and you want the police department to take action, all you will have to do is document the times when this occurs and any other information relative to the crime in our web form. You will be able to post anonymously, or you can leave contact information and someone from the MPD will contact you if that is what you want. Otherwise, we'll have officers looking at the information and determining what can be done and how it should be done to remove the problem.

whispers said...

I sure wish you could pass on some technical info to the Shelby City PD and the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office here in North Carolina. I feel that would be very beneficial to the citizens here, if we had such a program.

My hat's off to you for what you are doing there. May your future be bright.

Shelby, NC

John Harvey said...

Thanks for the compliment Hal. I have to give a lot of credit to Director Godwin and his command staff. I tried to get some of this stuff done while I was with the SCSO, but it didn't happen. Godwin allows us to be creative and encourages it.

Feel free to have your local police or sheriff's office contact me. I'd be more than willing to discuss the projects with them!