Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Worse Than I Thought?

For the last year or so, I've been telling people how the repeat offenders have been such a problem. I enumerated the "top 10" and showed the number of arrests they have accumulated. Tonight, I revisited one of the top ten (Larry Wayne West) and noticed if I use the JSSI website, it returns about 8 pages with 24 records per page, then a part of another page. That's around 192 arrests. Next I pulled all arrests for his rni number, using an internal tool, and found to my astonishment that Larry has actually been arrested a whopping 449 times. I don't know where the descrepancy is, but I plan to try to find out. The internal tool simply did a two table join that pulled all arrests that matched the rni number. I don't know if this number includes misdemeanor citations either, so it may even be worse than the 449 number.

I have to admit, this is perplexing.... Feel free to take a look for yourself. Here's the JSSI link: A query of Arrest by RNI under the GS Case History and using RNI# 11417. Oh, I almost forgot, this doesn't include Criminal Court cases.

The person I thought was number 1 (Kimberly Johnson) has only been arrested 242 times according to the internal tool. It looks like she has almost been lapped by the real number 1 - Larry Wayne West.

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