Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thug of the Week 12-20-2007

This week's "Thug" is Kenneth Edwards rni # 90057 dob: 3-10-1959 Age: 48. He has been booked into the Shelby County Jail over 130 times. Like his predecessors, most of his charges are simple misdemeanors, and yes, he has a bunch of more serious cases.

He has been busted on 21 different occasions for Theft of Property, 7 Criminal Trespasses, 2 assaults, 2 unlawful possession of a weapon, 1 aggravated arson, 1 aggravated burglary, carrying a weapon on school property, felony vandalism, and a slew of other charges.

Kenneth was averaging 4 arrests per year, until 2004 when he was arrested 12 times. The following years he was arrested - 12,10 and 9 times respectively. He still has time to get arrested a few more times this year, if he doesn't procrastinate.

Here is a look at those charges:


As a part of my day job at the MPD, I try to come up with better ways of addressing the crime problem. One thing we have started looking at is patterns of criminal behavior. So far, it appears that most criminals commit their crimes within a radius of about 1 - 1.5 miles from where they live. With that in mind, here is a graphical look at Kenneth Edwards's arrests. As a part of the Real Time Crime Center, we will be constantly hammering the data to look for trends, patterns, and behaviors. Developing this data will help us both solve and predict crimes. Here's Kenneth Edwards' arrest map - I think you'll see this supports my theory :


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