Monday, March 31, 2008

It's Real, It's Time, It's . . .
The Real Time Crime Center!

It's the Memphis Police Department's Real Time Crime Center. I can't release too much, but let me say this, it will be the center of law enforcement activity for the metro area.

First of all, I thank Susan Stubbs for developing the Flash animation that will be displayed on the RTCC webpage (the image here is a snapshot). Susan and I worked together at the Sheriff's Office for several years and I know she does graphics as well as anyone, and I also know - I don't! So, I asked Susan if she would help us out. As usual, she came through with an excellent piece of work!

When I showed up for work at the new RTCC this morning, I was greeted by Director Godwin, and from the Sheriff's office - Chief Deputy Oldham, and two of the bureau commanders. I gave them a quick tour of some of our capabilities, and discussed plans for the future, and I think it is fair to say they were impressed. Well, they said they were, so I guess they were.

Later, in the afternoon, we had a visit from Malcolm Sloan, who runs the new Tennessee Fusion Center. He was also impressed by our fledgling operation, to the point, he wants to send some of his people down so we can teach them how to do some of what we do. No problem, we're all in this together!

Anyway, I just wanted to whet your appetite for this thing we call the Real Time Crime Center. Say what you want about the MPD, but I believe Director Godwin has put forward a plan that is going to make a difference. The RTCC is going to make a difference!

To those who want to be a criminal, you've been given fair warning - Klaatu barada nikto!


Anonymous said...

Great news and am anxious to see what this will do to help fight crime in Memphis.

Anonymous said...

All is great defeating the people that survive in this poverty. It is fun to display these criminals on the net, because by "your system" they have done wrong! Pictures and crimes that they have done is great to exploit the comman man, but I want to know about the people that put us all there!!!!!!! What about white collar crimes in Memphis TN, that comes from our court rooms, civil and crimminal. I have proof that Federal and Civil Judges have acted more corrupt than a common THUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!