Thursday, April 10, 2008

Super Drunk Strikes Again

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This week's "Thug of the Week" is really just a drunk. Unlike most of the previous thugs, he has never been arrested for selling drugs, robbing, burglarizing, aggravated assault, etc. However, he is a "drunk's drunk". Kirby Moore is a male, white, 55 y/o who has been arrested 108 times - all over town, but mostly downtown, midtown and east. What do we do with such a person? They are prone to harrass people every day, they are opportunistic criminals, so he would steal something, if given an opportunity. They cannot be assimilated into the community, so the court throws them back into the streets to torture the taxpaying citizens.

Kirby has been arrested at least four times at Schnucks, where he has been told he isn't welcome. Other businesses have also signed letters on file informing Kirby that they don't want his kind around there! I'm sorry, but I think guys like this are just professional drunks and the state should house them in a workshop where they do for the taxpayer. They could make license plates, clean the roads, etc., but they don't need to be released. Where would the cutoff be, 10 convictions, 20, 50 . . . .?

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Anonymous said...

Saw him on the jailhouse roll again this week, so add 1 more to the list.

D Pierce said...

THIS MAN (Kirby Moore) was an employee of mine about fifteen years ago. And while he was an alcoholic he was a good and honest employee> Had often thought of him over the years and it is saddening to see that he is in such a condition.Before you judge him too harshly think of his condition as an alcoholic,which is a disease, and not a character flaw.