Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thug of the Week - Mr Beer Undelivery Man

Some folks just love beer. You know, it's not just for breakfast anymore. And so it goes with this week's thug. This week, we put, or should I say, Kenny Edwards, has put himself in the spotlight with his 129 bookings in the Shelby County jail.

Kenny has been arrested over 50 times at one location - Chelsea and Thomas - at the Mapco. Kenny is like the un-delivery man. He goes in and attempts to remove the beer, without paying. Now, before you softies start crying those apple-sized tears, you might want to know that Kenny has also been charged with real crimes in the past. He has had four cases in criminal court:

CR Charges 4 -
Charge Disposition date Dispcode
ROBBERY 04/16/1996 GP

Most of the other charges were for assault, stealing, trespassing, etc. Kenny just doesn't get it, but he keeps trying. I guess there's something to be said for persistence.

I just wish our judges were as persistent as Kenny. Maybe he would be in prison for the rest of his life, instead of terrorizing the clerks at the Mapco.

Thug of the Week - Here's to you Kenny Edwards - Mr beer UNdelivery man!


VH said...

129 bookings!!!??? Sounds like his job is getting arrested.

John Harvey said...

Yep, and he is also a work-a-holic.< s >

Anonymous said...

Isn't shoplifting a 'real' crime?

John Harvey said...

Well, yes, and no. Compared to an armed robbery, it isn't. The law suggests an officer issue a hall pass to the shoplifter, otherwise known as a misdemeanor citation.

I never wrote a misdemeanor citation because the law said the offender had to satisfy the officer's identification requirements, and mine was ten fingers on the fingerprint cards in the jail.

Anonymous said...

I actually tried to write a misdemeanor citation last night because I was hungry and wanted dinner. My idiot demanded to see the 1:30 in the morning. Hey, we aim to please...Actually, I think all the judges are off until Tuesday. THAT would be poetic justice.