Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thug of the Week - It was a Kodak Moment

That durn Percy Edwards. He's back. Percy was thug of the week a few months ago, when he bravely rode his wheelchair up into a Mapco and attempted to relieve them of a case of beer. I don't know if his battery ran low, or if he was having to motor by hand, but he got busted and went to jail. Percy is back in jail now, his 101st visit to jail, because he just had to have one of those little $12.00 Kodak cameras. I guess you could say, after he stuffed it underneath his leg, he had a "Kodak moment."

I checked a few of the affidavits on Percy to see what kind of stuff he has been up to and I found he apparently has an affinity for the disposable Kodak cameras. Now, I'm wondering if there's something in there he can use to get high, or is he just a camera buff? I did a google search and found a blog where someone said a kid had been caught licking the film to get high. Then I saw a bunch of comments saying there is nothing in the camera that will do that. Oh well, I guess he just likes to take pictures.

I'm wondering when a judge will take note of our weekly thugs and do something. Percy has been arrested 4 times this year (which puts him on track for a total of 8),7 times last year, 12 times the year before, and on.` It wouldn't hurt my feelings if some of you citizens started rattling cages over this.

Here's a look at some interesting screen shots involving our TOTW for your edification and enjoyment:

Click to Enlarge

Maybe Percy wanted the Kodak so he could teach the jailers how to take a picture! Notice he appears to have escaped in the profile shot! I guess someone needs to go to remedial picture taking school. Lemme see, do they have to be in front of that little X on the wall?

To see more of the jailers expert photographic capabilities, check out this previous blog on the subject

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Anonymous said...

So which do you prefer... "lock em up and throw away the key" or "get em the heck out of Dodge"