Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Serious Criminals - Not Necessarily Homeless

This week's Thug is the real deal. He has been arrested 20 times, for such things as aggravated burglary, burglary,theft of property 10k-60k,aggravated assault,etc. He is also on parole for aggravated burglary, has warrants (aggravated burglary, etc) out for his arrest and is a member of the gangster disciples. Yep, another stellar example for kids in the neighborhood.

Ronnie Stewart (rni 275650), aka Ronnie Taylor, aka "pick a name", is on the run from the law, and his last known address, according to the warrant is 4098 Knosha, but I think that address is actually 4098 Kenosha, which is just south of American Way, and west of Perkins. Hey, isn't that close to Mike Fleming's radio station?

If anyone should run across this fugitive, don't try to be the police, unless you are the police. You could get hurt. Call the MPD at 545-2677(COPS), or the SCSO's Fugitive Squad at 545-5620, or send me an email with the information. You can also go to the RTCC webpage and follow the links to the SCSO's warrants page.

Here's a link to a google map showing Ronnie's address:

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