Thursday, December 04, 2008

Help us Fight Crime

Director Godwin has penned a letter to the public asking for help in letting the legislature know that we need laws passed that can help keep criminals off the streets. I created a webpage that will let you click one hyperlink and it will pull your email client up with the entire house and senate emails, or just the shelby delegation's emails. All you have to do then, is tell them how you feel about crime in our community and urge them to pass strong legislation.

Here's the link to the webpage -


Tom Guleff said...

John, Thanks for the effort.

Randall said...

EXCELLENT Work, Thanks for all the HELP. Everyone needs to get the word out and pass this around to every company and person in Memphis, County, & state to get some laws that bite.

Blue Devil said...

Great idea John, I have posted this letter and links on my blog site,
and it has now circulated through 680 members of SIPA, courtesy of Memphis Daily News David Yawn.