Sunday, January 11, 2009

Help the MPD with your Graphical Skills

Okay, I admit it. My strong suite is not doing graphics, it is dealing with data. That means I need help on the graphical side. I need some better looking icons for our maps to denote the following:

Sex Offenders

I created the icon below and I think it looks ok, but I would much rather have someone volunteer to do some custom icons for the MPD's maps. If anyone out there woujld like to volunteer their talents . . . I would love to take advantage of your skills. I've always heard the "form follows function". Well, the functionality is there, but I think the form could be better. Anyone interested in helping?


Tom Guleff said...

John, how about using clipart ?

John Harvey said...

Clipart? Did you say clipart? Don’t talk to me about clipart? (think about the Nawlins NFL coach in the Bud commercial)

I want something that is a little slicker than that. Push comes to shove, I’ll just create some buttons and do some kind of image overlay. I would really like to have some killer graphics though.

John Harvey

Tom Guleff said...

This Bud's for you, Mr Real Men of Genius.

Anonymous said...

try the esri 'crime analysis' symbolset (scott B. has it in gis software) It can be a hoot-chalk outlines, busted cuffs, etc.

capn rick
gis headman