Saturday, March 28, 2009

10 strikes and you are done!

We've all heard about California's 3 strikes law. It is sooooo harsh. Three felony convictions and that's it. Well, here in Tennessee, we have 449 strikes and "that was a nice try, swing away some more." Our most arrested thug reached 449 arrests before he succumbed to lifestyle and ceased to exist. Now that our legislature is in the hands of the Republicans, surely something will be done to stop these "urban terrorists" from roaming our streets. Yeah right! Personally, I can't see much difference in the Republicans and the Democrats. Neither party is concerned about citizen safety. They are more concerned with "fiscal notes", which are attached to any legislation, using numbers that are pulled out of the air, than they are about your safety. What is the cost of allowing these miscreants to roam the streets? How many people have to be robbed, raped, bludgeoned and/or murdered before something is done that stops this and stops it now?

This year, there are several "tough" anti-crime bills in the legislature, and most have been sent to sub committees where they can die. They want us to think they are doing something because they are going to enhance the punishment for aggravated burglary. They might as well go ahead and make it apply only to burglaries where the criminal is left handed, and perpetrates the crime on any Thursday, between 5:00 and 5:01pm, on any leap year!

How about a bill that says, if you are convicted 10 times you are no longer going to be free. (We have to start with 10 because there are thousands) Just like New York state, our thugs will see the light when some are sentenced to life in prison with no parole and flee to Arkansas, Mississippi, and other more criminal friendly places.

Here's another in a long line of cases that is guaranteed to tick you off, if you are a law abiding, tax paying, stand up citizen. Last weekend our new License Plate Reader car was used to detect a felon, namely Irby Kimble. Irby was arrested in Frayser on a Germantown warrant for identity theft, fraud and theft of property $1,000 to $10,000. He was transferred to Germantown PD officers and they took him to their jail where he was given a $25,000 bond. So, for $2,500.00 he got out within a few hours. Well, everyone deserves a bond, right? NOT! This guy is also due in Shelby County Criminal court in May for manufacturing Meth and other drug charges. He has been arrested 38 times for things like aggravated burglary, robbery, aggravated assault, carrying a pistol, and on and on and on. Someone needs to explain to me why the judges haven't looked at this thug's record and denied bond. Is there anyone who thinks this guy isn't cooking dope, burglarizing and robbing people if he is free? Is anyone listening? Are you mad as hell yet! Am I a voice in the wilderness? Contact your representatives and tell them how you feel, if you want to help fight this insanity!

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I created a webpage that is linked off the Real Time Crime Center to help you find your representatives and senators -


Anonymous said...

We could do a three strikes law. Persons with three convictions after say... October 2010. In other words no conviction prior to October 2010 would be counted. I am not sure that the law would allow us to count convictions prior to a 3 strikes law anyway.

Anonymous said...

When need the three strikes law. At least implement it temporarily, it will have to be done in order to clean up the streets of shelby county and surrounding areas. i have sent various emails to state reps, etc. they are a joke. money hungry, self serving individuals. all politicians do is talk, until one of their family members is robbed, rapped and beat up.

Randall said...

Am I a voice in the wilderness?
John, Most people feel the same way just don't take the time to contact their representatives as they should until it hits them unfortunately. Thanks for the link to help people contact their rep.
We appreciate your dedication on keeping us informed. Everybody needs to spread the word and NEVER let up until we see the change.

Anonymous said...

I've got a question. How come the access to mugshots is unavailable? I love reading your blogs.

thanks for the info

John Harvey said...

Someone was harvesting the images, so I turned it off. I may put it back later with a capcha so that it kills that.