Thursday, October 27, 2005

Election Commission - Fat, Dumb and Happy?

What is the job of the election commission if not to maintain the voter database and ensure a fair process? Recently I pointed out that there were felonious voters and many people who had partial information in the database. Many showed to be over 100 years old and some who weren't even born yet - based on the listed dob. Greg Duckett says those were just minor "typographical errors." I maintain there is no place for typos in this system and a properly written system would check for data errors. Having said that, I decided to look into the age question and wrote a program that checked 11,000 of the oldest voters. Yep, over 2,000 of those appear to be deceased. You can view the entire list at . People in the community need to bring pressure on the election commission and force them to do their job!

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Anonymous said...

where does it end? I'll bet some of those dead people voted too!