Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dead voter update

Well, I finally completed processing the 150,000 oldest voters and the new total is 8,803 possibly deceased voters! There are probably that many more in that group that can be purged if can get access to the social security numbers.

I wonder how difficult it would be to absentee vote people if you owned . . . say, maybe, hmmmmm . . . a funeral home? That's one reason I find it very disturbing that having deceased voters in the database doesn't alarm the election commission. I would like to see the public contact the county commission and ask them to withhold any funding for the election commission until they fix the problems with their data.

Your thoughts . . . .


Anonymous said...

why can't they find this information, if you can? ISn't this public information? This is totally outrageous! I'm going to call my county commissioner tomorrow!!!!!!

Leshaun Fossett said...
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