Sunday, May 07, 2006

What Have They Done?

I didn't attend, but I was told that Bill Morris and Jim Rout were at Mark Luttrell's campaing kickoff. Isn't that reassuring! A good old Democrat and a good old er ah, wasn't Jim Rout a Republican once upon a time? That must have been before he won the Mayors race! (I hate to admit it, but I helped him win that first time.) You may remember him, he is the guy who forgot to tell us how terrible we were financially in Shelby County, then he decided to retire. We were about 1.2 billion in debt when he left and it looks like A.C. Wharton picked up right where Jimbo left off. We are now over 2 billion in debt.

Now, people are wanting you to support AC's running mate, Mark Luttrell. Let's see, no law enforcement experience, taking advice from the guys who got us where we are today. I don't think so.

How can anyone defend this crew?

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