Sunday, May 07, 2006

Why Me?

I received an email early this morning which contained the following excerpt:

Please consider the following:

1. This is NOT going to make you very popular in the Republican party but very appreciated in the Democratic community.

My reply was that I am running because I have been a cop a lot longer than I've been calling myself a Republican. Cop defines who I am. The current Sheriff has got to go and I plan to undertake what others say cannot be done! Luttrell has got to go.

2. We need to consolidate and encourage the Republicans to get out and vote in August,.

I am encouraging everyone to vote the entire Republican ticket, except one position - Luttrell has got to go.

3. We need to give them all the encouragement we can muster to turn out the vote.

I plan to do just that, but not for Luttrell. Luttrell has got to go.

4. I am afraid that the Republican voters are discouraged enough ... is the reason the Democrats out voted us a few days ago.

I will be trying to get Republicans to the polls, but yep Luttrell has got to go.

5. Our Republican White House and Republican Congress's massive failures for the last 6 years will hurt us in state and local elections,

What has that got to do with me? Luttrell has got to go.

6. The Republican voter does not need more reasons not to vote.

I agree. Luttrell has got to go.

7. I feel that this write-in campaign will not help Terry Roland's race or any of the other county-wide races.

You probably didn't feel Terry Roland had a chance either. Just like you don't think I've got a chance, but Luttrell has got to go.

8. We are walking a very high tightrope this year. A lot is at stake.

I agree, but this is the good old USofA and I am exercising my right to run for office because I believe Luttrell has got to go.

9. You must know that a write-in cannot win so when the Sheriff loses, you will be blamed.

I know that if I don't do something drastic, Luttrell or French might win and take this community further down the tubes. Luttrell has got to go.

Please consider the overall cause and effect of your action.

I almost always do that. I rarely make rash decisions and I have come to one conclusion - Luttrell has got to go and I need to replace him.

I concluded my response with the following:

I don’t care about winning any popularity contests in the Republican or any other party. I am a career cop. For me, being a good cop has always been the “highest good.” I believe that this has been and is my calling. I believe I am as good at what I do as anyone has ever been. I believe I have tangible evidence of this in the systems I have created – both operationally and software-wise. However, I have had a belly full of selfish, greedy, crooked politicians. Mark Luttrell is just another one of those. He exemplifies what I detest about politics. He is unqualified to be Sheriff and was only put in the race because Jim Rout and Bill Morris wanted someone in they could control. I’m also sick of the Belz, Turley, Hyde, Hyneman etc crew running things from behind closed doors. He has charged deputy sheriff’s with violation of rules that he violates every day. Not only that, he has taken contributions from a major drug dealer who was arrested by the very department he is supposed to be leading. He has also taken money from several other felons. In my opinion, he is worse than Reginald French.

I am out to try to win this race and make a difference. Mark Luttrell has had four years to make a difference and he has only made things worse by cutting deputy sheriff positions so he could look good.


ClayWatson said...

My brother-in-law Thomas is having a cow about you re-entering the race, even after I sent him your "Why Me" response that you sent to an e-mailer who predicted you would split the vote and Herenton/French then would control the Sheriff's Office. Thomas went so far as to suggest you post a list of your contributors so people could see if Herenton or a Herenton shill is on it. He sounds frantic.

Could be a good idea though, John, since for nearly a year you've been letting us know who contributes to other public officials. Whatcha think?

John Harvey said...

Thanks Clay,

I will post what little money I've raised and subsequently gave back after I initially dropped. I also want to encourage the other candidates to do the same. You won't find any felons on my list (that I know of). The list is very short right now and that is the reason I initially dropped out. I couldn't see going against Luttrell with 200k in the bank. After much thought, I have decided I can drive much of this campaign with technology. I already have a 32 line robo caller that is working from 8 am til 9pm 6 days a week, 12 til 9pm on Sunday getting my message out.

I'll also use the web, blogs, email and any other means possible to get my message out. I am far and away, the most qualified candidate!


Anonymous said...

I think you're making a mistake. I think you might be a good sheriff, but the chances of you winning a write-in are slim at best, despite precedent. If you do split the vote, your chances of ever running again are non-existent. If you stay out, it keeps the door open for next time. I'd adivse you to look at the big picture.

When Luttrell moves on, if you still have friends in the GOP, then I'm sure they would back you...but not if you continue this.

Also, if you are not running 'to get rid of Luttrell', then why do you answer each question with "Luttrell has got to go" ?

John Harvey said...

The Republican party will never support me. I am not a member of the club and before they support you, you must be anointed by the rich guys. I say Luttrell has to go because I think he is clueless and also hangs with crooks.

I am a career cop and I am concerned about this community. What has Luttrell done for this community? Abslutely nothing!

He didn't even know we have the authority to make arrests in Bartlett!

autoegocrat said...

That's a real shame that your own party is dissing you like that, but of course, as a card-carrying liberal, I feel your pain.

Good luck.