Sunday, October 01, 2006

Who, What, When, Where . . . .

Would someone tell me where this crime occured and what neighborhood I should try to avoid? What did the suspect look like? How about giving me a description as to race, sex, height, weight, complexion, clothing, direction of travel, etc? A map of the area would have been nice too. Most likely the 5400 block of "East Memphis" was Poplar Ave. (I don't think I've ever heard a section of town being given a 100 block designation). A google search turned up some crime stats for Bent Court, then I was able to get a 100 block, so now I know the area is in Raleigh. I also know the neighbors are telling the truth. I remember when that was a very nice neighborhood. I also remember when the news would give you the full details. Remember those halcyon days when the police and news agencies used EXACT addresses, not "100 blocks"? Are they trying to be politically correct, or just being sloppy?

From News5's website . . . .

A chopper flew overhead. Officers scoured the brush with guns drawn. SWAT teams filed in line searching for three suspects who robbed a Cingular cell phone store on the 5400 block of East Memphis and took police on a chase that ended up in North Memphis. The suspects abandoned the getaway car in a cul de sac on Bent Court.

Police say the suspects shot at them during the afternoon chase and they shot back when the suspects jumped out of the car. Neighbor Dianne Edwards rushed home to check on her sons.

"You can't really say anything about what's going on because it happens all over, but I just want to make sure that they're safe," she said.

Officers went door-to-door trying to track the robbers as Memphis Police shut down the streets surrounding the crime scene. No cars could go in, and none could come out for two and a half hours. The suspects abandoned the car right near Emmett Wheeler's home. He says crime is rising in the neighborhood.

"When we first moved over here this was a nice place. There wasn't a lot of crime," he said.

Police are now processing evidence and working to find the suspects. Neighbors say, though the scene troubled them, they're glad to have the presence of protection.

"It's good to know that there's someone taking care of the situation," Edwards added.

No one was injured during the ordeal.

As for the crime in that area, by comparison, it is RELATIVELY safe - only 79 crimes reported in the past month within a 1 mile radius.

0609005278ME Aggravated Assault 09/10/2006 RALEIGH LEGRANGE & PARKVIEW
0609013689ME Burglary/Business 09/25/2006 3000 CELA
0609014004ME Burglary/Business 09/26/2006 3000 COVINGTON PIKE
0609011600ME Burglary/Residential 09/21/2006 3100 WADE ST
0609011918ME Burglary/Business 09/22/2006 5100 RALEIGH LAGRANGE
0609012024ME Burglary/Residential 09/22/2006 2700 AMY LN
0609012548ME Burglary/Business 09/23/2006 3000 COVINGTON PIKE
0609013413ME Burglary/Business 09/25/2006 5100 STAGE
0609009394ME Burglary/Business 09/18/2006 4500 STAGE RD
0609010497ME Burglary/Residential 09/20/2006 2700 AMY LN
0609007564ME Burglary/Residential 09/14/2006 5000 COBALT
0609008718ME Burglary/Residential 09/16/2006 2900 BEVERLY HILLS
0609009160ME Burglary/Residential 09/17/2006 5100 BLACKWELL
0609005488ME Burglary/Non-residential 09/11/2006 4700 FAIRLANE
0609006286ME Burglary/Non-residential 09/12/2006 5000 RALEIGH LAGRANGE
0609006491ME Burglary/Residential 09/12/2006 4800 STAGE
0609004669ME Burglary/Residential 09/08/2006 2500 JOHN EDWARDS
0609004791ME Burglary/Residential 09/09/2006 3100 EARNETT
0609004978ME Burglary/Business 09/10/2006 5100 RALEIGH LAGRANGE
0609001299ME Burglary/Residential 09/03/2006 4700 FAIRLANE
0609001982ME Burglary/Business 09/05/2006 4500 STAGE
0609002089ME Burglary/Business 09/05/2006 4600 RALEIGH LAGRANGE
0609002619ME Burglary/Residential 09/06/2006 4600 KIITTY
0609004639ME Simple Assault/DV 09/09/2006 2700 AMY LN
0609004875ME Simple Assault/DV 09/09/2006 2700 GARDEN GROVE CIR
0609002528ME Simple Assault/DV 09/05/2006 3200 CASANN
0609013923ME Other Theft/Non-Specific 09/25/2006 5000 STAGE
0609011592ME Shoplifting/Misdemeanor 09/21/2006 2900 COVINGTON PIKE
0609013567ME Shoplifting/Misdemeanor 09/25/2006 5000 STAGE
0609009782ME Other Theft/Non-Specific 09/18/2006 3200 WESTELLE ST
0609010221ME Shoplifting/Misdemeanor 09/19/2006 5000 STAGE
0609010978ME Other Theft/Non-Specific 09/20/2006 3000 KENNETH ST
0609011533ME Shoplifting/Misdemeanor 09/21/2006 5000 STAGE
0609007454ME Other Theft/Non-Specific 09/14/2006 2800 GAILWOOD
0609007758ME Shoplifting/Misdemeanor 09/14/2006 5000 STAGE
0609006740ME Theft from Building 09/13/2006 4700 FAIRLANE
0609003136ME Shoplifting/Misdemeanor 09/06/2006 3000 STAGE
0609003515ME Other Theft/Non-Specific 09/07/2006 4800 GARDEN GOVE
0609004732ME Shoplifting/Misdemeanor 09/09/2006 5000 STAGE RD
0609011720ME Theft of Vehicle Parts/Accessories 09/21/2006 5000 RALEIGH LAGRANGE
0609011822ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/22/2006 4700 TARKINGTON
0609011976ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/22/2006 4700 RALEIGH LAGRANGE
0609012547ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/23/2006 5000 HIDDEN LAKE DR
0609010605ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/20/2006 5000 HIDDEN LAKE
0609011029ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/20/2006 5000 STAGE RD
0609011289ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/21/2006 4900 HIDDEN WOODS COVE
0609005235ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/10/2006 5000 STAGE
0609006582ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/12/2006 5000 RALEIGH LAGRANGE RD
0609006768ME Theft of Vehicle Parts/Accessories 09/13/2006 3000 KENNETH
0609004751ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/09/2006 4400 STAGE
0609005022ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/10/2006 2600 PARKVIEW
0609001128ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/03/2006 5000 HIDDEN LAKES DR
0609001321ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/03/2006 5000 STAGE RD
0609001332ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/03/2006 5000 STAGE
0609002259ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/05/2006 5000 RALEIGH LAGRANGE
0609002318ME Theft from Motor Vehicle 09/05/2006 4600 STAGE
0609010322ME MVT/Passenger Vehicle 09/19/2006 2400 CHISWOOD
0609005691ME MVT/Passenger Vehicle 09/11/2006 2500 JOHN EDWARDS
0609005017ME MVT/Passenger Vehicle 09/10/2006 2900 BEVERLY HILLS
0609001064ME Drugs/Narcotics Violation/Felony 09/03/2006 4300 FAYETTE
0609000050SH Drugs/Narcotics Violation/Felony 09/06/2006 COVINGTON & STAGE


autoegocrat said...

I can tell you where it was. It was right outside my window. I heard a shot, too, and I filed a report with the non-emergency line.

John Harvey said...

So, you live in Raleigh? Do you think the community is on the decline? Do you feel safe? Why? Why not?

autoegocrat said...

Yes, yes, and no. Our apartment complex (the Summit) has been selected as a favorite target of a local youth crime club (not a named gang) because of the thick woods that surround the apartment. Our attempt to get a Neighborhood Watch group was a flop, and the policeman who used to live below me has moved out. It was nice for a while, he parked his patrol car right outside our door.

I've been robbed here, I've had gas siphoned out of my car, my neighbors have been robbed, cars get stolen here all the time, and no one seems to be able to put a stop to it. I keep a rifle by the window, a shotgun near the bed, and a pistol near the door because it's the only thing I can do. I pity any would-be home invaders, they won't leave my apartment alive.

The Truth Hurts said...

My family moved to Raleigh in 1968. It was paradise for a kid like me. We played outside until 10 PM, sat on the Mall wall and watched traffic and generally had a great childhood. My mom finally moved out of Raleigh a couple of years ago. She was scared to stay. Now the house next door is a suspected drug house. The ironic thing is, we moved from the Lamar and Kimball area...because the neighborhood was changing and crime was going up. I'm an officer now, and I have had occasion to work in my old Raleigh neighborhood....but I don't very often. It's too sad.