Friday, September 29, 2006

Crime is going to Subside in Memphis

Finally! Now that every politician in the state is weighing in on crime, I believe you will see our numbers start to fall. It will take several years, but Mayor Herenton's adding over 600 officers to the MPD is a great start. I looked at the "Crime Abatement Plan" and I see some good news. I've been saying for the last few years that New York City is the model, and now MPD Director Godwin is going there to look at their "best practices". I'm sure he'll take what he likes from them and work it into the MPD standard operational procedures. The increased use of technology and hopefully putting pressure on the rest of the "justice" system will result in a drop in crime in Memphis over the next few years.

If we make it understood that criminal behavior simply will not be tolerated in Memphis, through the use of a zero tolerance policy, crime will abate. Using the code enforcement strategies will also help, as will empowering the citizens, and collaborating with citizens.

I look forward to seeing this plan unfold!

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