Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's "Illegal" Alien

I ran into a friend who works in one of Shelby County's criminal courts the other day and we were discussing crime and all things criminal. He had some revelations for me. I knew there was a problem with illegal aliens, but I didn't know exactly how bad it was, not that I have a clear picture of that now. But, what I learned was astounding.

It seems that there is an "illegal" in the court where he works who has been in jail for 2 years, on a "rape of a child" charge. The defense is claiming he is incapable of knowing right from wrong. This is because he doesn't speak English! Usually, a person is ruled mentally incompetent because of some psychological problem, but this new wrinkle,which is apparently a scheme of the public defenders office, is costing the taxpayer a bundle. The court has assigned a translator (I'm told at $125.00 per court appearance) and a spanish speaking attorney, at a much higher rate. They are also paying dueling psychologists to haggle over whether or not this guy has become Anglicized enough to be tried. There's no telling how much money we are spending on this clown, who should have been dropped off back in his native country (from about 30,000 feet).

In another matter, which is related to the same problem, I was told how the DAs office took another illegal alien to the judge and recommended probation. Fortunately, that judge wouldn't go along with the deal. He ruled that it would be impossible for him to grant probation to an "illegal alien" because one of the rules for probation is that the person will have a job, and it is illegal to hire an illegal alien. This guy is now doing the 11 months and 29 days he should be doing.
I hope the other judges take note of this ruling because it is only right. I cannot understand how we got so out of control that we are granting, not only the rights of citizens, but more, to illegal aliens.

I will be trying to find information over the next week or so regarding how many illegal aliens have been arrested this past year, even though our local shurf isn't concerned with enforcing that law. Personally, I think once arrested, and identified as an illegal, they should be immediately deported. I think it's called "prima facia" evidence. The fact that they are breathing our air, is proof enough that they are committing a crime.

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