Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jerry Porter - Thug of the Week 2/21/2008

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This week we shine our ubiquitous spotlight on none other than Jerry Porter and his 109 bookings at the Shelby County Crossbar Hotel. Jerry's latest escapade is chronicled in the affidavit which has been inserted into this post. While reading through the affidavit, you get a sense that Jerry may have a "mental" problem. I'm not sure what that means though, because I think we all have mental problems. It's a matter of degree. In Jerry's case, I think the solution might be some quality time at an "extended stay" facility, something like the (I hate to call it this) Correctional Center.

Personally, I think people like Jerry need to be housed in the "work house", where they can work off their aggressive behavior, in the fields, or doing some form of manual labor. I'm told all this idleness is the "devil's workshop" and it appears the devil has been busy in Jerry's little shop of horrors. So here's to you - Jerry Porter - thug man of the week!


Anonymous said...

I don't beleive I've ever seen "moritoriums in the roadway".

Must have been quite a sight!

John Harvey said...

If its a thing, then, it could be some new, previously unclassified species.

If it refers to an action, then it could be deviant behavior. And, I've seen a lot of deviant behavior in the roadway.

Then there is always the possiblity that he was referring to an impediment to traffic flow, which I guess you could say resulted in a moratorium....