Friday, September 05, 2008

I Always Wanted to be . . . A Parking Lot Attendant

Kenneth Jones, RNI# 3403, is another one of our local celebrities, who has been arrested 117 times, five this year. I think Ken maybe doesn't quite understand though. He appears to have a deep desire to be a parking lot attendant, because I think, he thinks all you have to do is stand there and people will give you money.

The last two times he has been arrested, that's exactly what Kenny was doing. He was taking money from people, giving them directions on where to park, and generally being a "good will ambassador" for Memphis. However, one minor problem has surfaced. KJ doesn't work for or own the parking lots. In June when he got arrested, he was captured by the MPD's Real Time Crime Center cameras, and arrested. This last time, he was observed by an officer who was patrolling the area.

Surely, someone out there can come up with the funds to help "Special K" get a bus ride to San Fran!

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Anonymous said...

Kirby Moore has a long way to go to catch up.