Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This week we "honor" one, Jerrard Butler, rni#102570. Jerrard has visited 201 Poplar, as a guest, at least 108 times - 5 times this year.

News Flash - Nashville is getting into the game


Anonymous said...

Obviously that touchy feely Nashville Judge should be among those we, in Tennessee, send out to San Francisco where his liberal ideas will fit in.

He says just jailing people does nothing to treat the underlying mental and/or drug addiction problems that cause these people to keep circulating through the criminal justice system and actually wants to try and create a way to cure the underlying problems.

Now how did a judge with San Francisco values like that get on the bench in Tennessee?

Much better to have a matrix to just lock these people up forever and get them off our streets. Who cares about solving there problems? There problems shouldn't be OUR problems, right John?

Thank God we have true conservatives here in Memphis that understand this

John Harvey said...

Anonymous said, "Thank God we have true conservatives here in Memphis that understand this"

Unfortunately, the conservatives are mostly just cops. We do have a few judges, but they tend to be in the Criminal Courts. I think we need to help some of our other judges understand that people who are repeat, repeat, repeat offenders need to get the maximum sentence, each and every time, and we need our legislators to understand that we are tired of these thugs/urban terrorists. A matrix law must be enacted, and the sooner, the better.

Be sure to enlist the support of everyone who will listen!

a-dying-city said...

Fed up with Memphis and its crime? I was, and I have a special cure! I know of a place where there are plentiful jobs, explosive growth, new money, prosperity, entertainment, homegrown culture, and vibrant community... and a contagiously positive CAN-DO mindset to go with it!

It's NASHVILLE! Whether you like Louis Vuitton and the Symphony, or Bass Pro Shops and CMT - Nashville's got you covered. There's something for everyone. Show King Willie who's the boss and make your move to any one of the thriving 13 counties that make up the NASHVILLE metro area.

Life is too short to spend every day dealing with the stresses and depression of living in Memphis. My hometown sho ain't what it used to be... so welcome to Middle Tennessee!