Sunday, May 03, 2009

ALPR Car Success Stories

The MPD's LPR camera cars are working. Here is just one of the success stories. I have edited the officers report narrative.

On 04/30/09 at 20:44 hours, officers responded to Recovery/Foreign with Arrest. The Reporting Officer advised while running the LPR (license plate reader) car at Jackson and Buchanan the defendant was driving a stolen Veh. #1: Toyota Camry with TN tag XXXXXXX. Officer's got behind the def who went E/B Vernon and bailed out of the vehicle in front of 3409 Vernon. Officers caught the defendant, after a short foot chase at Vernon and National, where he was taken into custody without further incident. Dispatch advised the Veh. #1: Toyota Camry was signal w(stolen) out of Millington TN R&I#0904000095MI NIC#V972681319. Officer J Johnson 4414 notified station b who notified Millington PD. The defendant also had a warrant for burglary to M/V warrant#08033621, and a suspended license for failure to satisfy citation 120304 . The defendant was transported to 201 Poplar felony response for further investigation.

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