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And now. . . The Award Winning MPD Real Time Crime Center!

Dallas, TX 5-18-2009
The Memphis Police Department won the top award for "excellence in law enforcement and information technology" at the 33rd annual IACP Conference in Dallas Texas. Director Godwin said, "we believe we are developing cutting edge technology at the MPD that will prove to be a model for the nation. From our video surveillance, to Blue Crush, to the Real Time Crime Center, to license plate reader technology and beyond, we are pushing the envelope and extending technology, thereby making us much more effective."

Director Larry Godwin, flanked on the left by RTCC System Manager John Harvey,Sgt. Ken Shackleford and on the right by Dr Richard Janikowski, Technology Manager - Major Jim Harvey

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The Memphis Police Department received the top honor for excellence in law enforcement and information technology from the International Association of Chiefs of Police, after all contestants entries were reviewed! This award is the result of the hard work of the men and women of the MPD, the director's leadership and vision, the department's Information Technology staff, and the Real Time Crime Center, plus Dr Janikowski and his associates from the University of Memphis. Detractors say Blue Crush is just a publicity stunt, but that just isn't true. Call it what you like, but "Blue Crush" is simply a business approach to law enforcement. Determine where your problems are, then deploy your resources accordingly.

What is not being reported, is the impact of the MPD on crime in the city of Memphis and even the surrounding areas. The city of Memphis is getting better every day, as it relates to crime, while the metro area is not. Many of our citizens don't know of the good work and the success we've had fighting crime, because the news media has not been reporting this. What has been reported is that the city of Memphis is the 2nd most dangerous city in America. The facts show that the metro area is 2nd, and Memphis has fallen from 6th (three years ago) to 14th. The media, including Forbes Magazine, has been applying the metro area statistics to the city of Memphis. This does nothing for the image of Memphis, and it also dishonors the work we have done.

Here are the facts:

2006 Crime Ranking 6th
2007 Crime Ranking 8th
2008 Crime Ranking 14th
2009 Crime Ranking ?

Here is the Metro Area Map - A Nine County Area which includes Tipton, Fayette, and Shelby in Tennessee, Crittenden in Arkansas, and Tate, Tunica, Desoto and Marshall counties in Mississippi. This includes reported crimes in Covington, Millington,Arlington,Bartlett,Germantown, Collierville, Sommerville, Olive Branch, Horn Lake, Southaven, West Memphis, etc. I think those areas are having an uptick in crime due to Blue Crush pushing them out of Memphis. Additionally, the MPD is showing a year-to-date reduction of almost 10%.

Click this link to see the report
Metro Area Map - 2nd Most Dangerous Metro Area
Metro Area Map - 2nd Most Dangerous Metro Area

Click this link to see the City Ranking Report
Memphis Map - 14th Most Dangerous and falling
Memphis Map - 14th Most Dangerous and falling

The MPD is leading the way in fighting crime through the increased use and development of technology. We expect to fall much farther in the "Most Dangerous Cities" ranking this
November, as we continue pursuing excellence in what we do!

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