Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm from the government, and other insanities....

The Commercial Appeal had a story last Friday about the state releasing 3000 inmates back into the community before their time was finished. The story said they were releasing non-violent drug USERS. I don't think so. Since when do we send drug USERS to prison. If a person isn't charged with extreme stuff, they don't go to prison. Most likely, they are talking about "non-violent" drug offenders, as in drug dealers who haven't been "charged" with trying to kill anyone. Even so, we have data that says after three years 50% of those released on probation or parole return to prison. If they stay in prison until the expiration of their sentence, they are 50% less likely to repeat, as only 24% return to prison.

If it is true that people are half as likely to return to prison, why would anyone want to release any of these folks before the expiration of their sentence? Oh, I forgot, it's the government.

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