Monday, July 20, 2009

Repeat Offenders - It's On Like a NeckBone!

Take a look at some of the stories on "Repeat Offenders" from the past few years. And, here is News Channel 3's first volley on this issue -

It's heartening to see some of my work coming to fruition. I've been ranting and raving about our dysfunctional system for the past several years, and now the media is finally picking up on it. So far, most of the television stations have done stories on the problem, Mike Fleming and I did a "Thug of the Week" radio spot for over a year, and the CA is going to do an exhaustive story on repeaters and crime, in Shelby County, some time this fall. Senator Mark Norris and Representative Curry Todd got the Administrative Office of the Tennessee Supreme Court involved and I am working with them and the Criminal Court Clerk's Office on crunching the data.

I think the repeater issue is getting out there and is on the minds of the news media, the citizens, the cops and hopefully the judges, judicial commissioners, the AG's office will take a closer look at these Urban Terrorists before allowing them back on the streets. I'm not saying people who have only been arrested a few times should not have a bond, but those who have been arrested 10 or more times should be sitting on cold steel, contemplating the error of their ways.

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