Thursday, September 21, 2006

Are You Sick of Drug Dealers in Your Hood?

I've had this idea for quite some time, but until today haven't gotten around to implementing it. I've created a new blog called Be A Narc for the express purpose of providing a place where citizens who are sick of the drug dealers to post anonymously. I will send that information to the news media and you can check on the progress of these locations to see what is being done. There's something about shining the light on a cockroach, it makes them run for cover. I've already gotten the first web tip and it will be forwarded to the news media today in a press release.

The new blog is here


Anonymous said...

i hope by drug dealer you don't mean the guy slangin a miniscule amount of marijuana to neighborhood pot heads, and instead are speaking of the crack dealers and coce pushers. its hard enough getting by in memphis already, dont take our weed.

Anonymous said...

THAT is an excellent idea, and I hope the media picks up on it. As for ANON 5:38...we'll start with you and work our way up...or down as the case may be.

John Harvey said...

I sent out the press release, but i've gotten no response from them. The press is a fickle friend, I fear!< G >

Be sure to hit the other blog to see the details at