Friday, November 30, 2007

CyberWatch is Working

We've been getting a lot of web tips from our CyberWatch program at the Memphis Police Department. The Organized Crime Unit has made numerous arrests because our good citizens have stepped up to the plate. I wrote the system so that any complaints that are relative to drugs, gangs, gambling or prostitution are automatically routed to the CAT teams in OCU. Other complaints are sent to CrimeStoppers where they are routed to the appropriate area.

I commend those who have participated in the CyberWatch program and sent in this information. This is one way we can make Memphis a better place to live. People have to step up and be the eyes and ears for law enforcement.

Here's an example of one of the tips that we received earlier in the month and another link to today's story on the results:

DATETIME=11/18/2007 09:31:28 AM
LOCATION=Forest Area of Overton Park
COMPLAINT=As a regular runner in Overton Park on the weekends, I have witnessed suspicious activity in the wooded areas of Overtown Park. Specifically, the trail area where are cars are not allowed, I have witnessed suspicious men meeting in the woods, for I suspect is drug and/or sex related. This is very disturbing I am now looking for other places to exercise. I suggest you have regular patrols on foot or mountain bike back in the areas of this park where the squad cars cannot patrol. Let's get these "sickos" out of the park. Thank you.

And here's today's story from ABC24's website:

Memphis Police arrested several men on prostitution and indecent exposure charges at Overton Park Thursday, November 29.

Investigators say they received several complaints from citizens about male prostitutes in the park. They say the complaints ranged from sexual favors being solicited to public indecency. Investigators say plainclothes detectives staked out the area and arrested eight men during a two-day sting, which began earlier this week.

Eric Martin, 39, was charged with prostitution and indecent exposure and Eddie McGhee, 38, was charged with prostitution.

A check of court records shows Eddie McGhee has been booked into the county jail 31 times, and Eric Martin - 22 times. Their charges run them gambit

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