Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's Thug Thursday!

Last week Mike Fleming and I gave you Willie Norfleet. A man who had been arrested 126 times. Well, Willie is still in jail (he goes to court tomorrow 11/8/07) [UPDATE THE CASE HAS BEEN RESET FOR 1 WEEK, WILLIE IS STILL IN JAIL ON A $100.00 BOND]. But, enough of Willie. It's time for Thug Thursday!

Today we actually have two thugs - a father and son team! Renarld Gardner,Sr and Jr. The proud father has a few arrests in his past, mainly for selling drugs or stealing and even a few traffic related charges. His protege though has outdone his father. It seems Jr started out with minor charges like disorderly conduct, simple possession, etc. But now, he is in jail on 6 counts of criminal attempted murder and 1 count of Murder I. I wonder if they are sharing a cell? Maybe they are singing - "We are Family!"

Here are the mugshots from the jail with links to their charges:
The Father's Charges:

The Son's Charges:


wfpearson said...

Funny John, but I listened to Fleming today and I couldn't help but think... This crew got there start in crime with petty narcotics possession and "disorderly conduct." D.C. is just a catch all that you usually get when you've pissed off a cop enough and he wants to charge you with something else. So this crew was getting high and got caught, went to jail, where they learned how to commit real crimes. Once they got out they couldn't get jobs because only politicians can get high and get their jobs back. So they resorted to the underground economy, the drug trade. Wow so our ignorant and superstitious war on drugs is causing people to choose a life of crime. If it wasn't for this silly "war" then these two would be a father and son on the couch getting stoned. But you busy body neo-conservatives can't tolerate someone else's pleasures. How much do you think it's going to cost to incarcerate these two? And you say you're for low taxes, but how will you be paying for it?

John Harvey said...

You make assertions that assume facts that are not in evidence. Having been the police, I know a little about criminal activity. The charges listed for these thugs are only those where they got caught. It also doesn't include any juvenile charges or any from other jurisdictions. You assert that the police are the causative factor behind these thugs life of crime, yet you have no proof, just a "feeling."

As for drugs being a good thing, I don't think so. I lost a brother to that stuff and I don't think it's a "harmless" past-time. Drug abuse is driving the crime because people steal to get money or drugs. Even if drugs were legalized, they would still be illegal for people under 21, so they would commit crimes to get them. Crack, crank, coke, meth yeah buddy, those are harmless, aren't they.

"How much do you think it's going to cost to incarcerate these two? And you say you're for low taxes, but how will you be paying for it?"

If I were king of the forest.... I'd put them in tents. I wouldn't spend millions of taxpayer dollars on thugs. We need to let the legislators know that these thugs have got to be stopped, but not while bankrupting the government. Low cost solutions are out there, draconian as they may appear, to the modern day liberal.

wfpearson said...

No, I don't blame the police at all. They don't make laws, that's a legislative responsibility, not executive. I'm very sorry, I know you guys have it tough. And I'm very sorry to hear about your brother. My aunt and cousin were killed by a drunk driver. I know the pain substance abuse can cause.

The prison you describe sounds a little like a concentration camp for pot smokers. Don't you think that's excessive?

Cannabis grows with very little cultivation necessary, so if legal, it would be very inexpensive, there probably wouldn't need to steal for it.

Just wondering, would you rather attempt to apprehend a pot head or a raging alcoholic? I know some drunks and I've never been assaulted by someone that's stoned.

BTW, I'm not a liberal, I voted For Bush and Dole and Pat Buchannan. I was a Young Republican. I believe in small government and ending the drug war seems like a great way to save a lot of money.

I think that violating another person's rights by stealing from them deserves not only procecution but also the perp should pay full compensation to the victim, and earn it while in prison. It doesn't really matter to me why the person was stealing the money.

Me for State Rep! :)

John Harvey said...

"The prison you describe sounds a little like a concentration camp for pot smokers. Don't you think that's excessive? "

You haven't read my sentencing matrix blog have you? I advocate a system that starts off with a mandatory probation on the first offense, the seconde offense might result in only 1 day in jail, third offense might be 3 days in jail(these are misdemeanors we are talking about).

Regardless of the crime, the idea is that a person would face an escalation in punishment. It's Psych 101 Behavior Modification. I don't care what the charges are (misdemeanor convictions) should result in an increasingly painful experience for the convict. The end result is extinction of the behavior, or the thug will leave town. Either way, the end result is the same for our citizens! Personally, I prefer that people become productive (TAXPAYING) citizens!