Thursday, July 31, 2008

Adopt a Thug!

That durn Percy Edwards, RNI # 65222. Just this year, back in April, he hit the 100 mark, which made him eligible to become a "thug" celibrity. Since then, he has come back two more times. Percy, is in jail now for possession of drugs, theft under 500 and, yep - public intoxication.

Mike Fleming and I have decided people like Percy need a "big brother" or someone to watch over him, or at least watch over his case. He has been being convicted and getting released with a "time served" conviction. That's not helping shield the public from his terrorism. Percy needs to stay in jail for a year, every time he gets convicted.

If you feel inclined to "adopt" Percy, be sure and let us know. Post your comment and we'll get some information to you and you can tell us how it goes!


Tom Guleff said...


Can you put a "thug calculator" with these posts? The costs in time, effort, and lost opportunity for our police force.

I am sure there is a standard cost associated with the the arresting, the processing, and the housing activities. Not to mention the cost to those on the receiving end.

Elizabeth Alley said...

I think I help to put him in jail in April! I saw him breaking into a passenger van in a parking lot on Madison at FIVE IN THE AFTERNOON.

John Harvey said...

Well, good for you! Would you like to adopt him now?< G >