Thursday, July 17, 2008

I love me some 201 Poplar

For the 9th time this year, Jerry Porter, has graced the CJC with his presence. I can just hear him sitting in the back seat of the squad car, "I love me some 201 Poplar! I get three hots, a cot and pooooleeese protection around the clock!" Nine times in the same year, 117 times total. Judges, if you are looking at this, you have the power to keep this urban terrorist from continuing to terrorize businesses and everyday citizens! Do the right thing and put him away for the maximum amount of time possible.

For those interested in tracking Jerry, go to the jssi website and see if you can figure anything out. Jerry's latest booking number is 8122454, and his RNI number is 28941, for those who want to know. I know, they try to keep you from getting any information by putting the most recent charges on the very last page, etc. It's almost like they don't want you to know what's up. Persevere though, and you might be able to find out what is going on with this case. Hmmm, I'm willing to bet, time served will be his punishment. Then he will be unleased on the public once again! Maybe we should start a countdown ticker to see how long it takes before he is catapulted back to the streets?

I hope some of you, out there will finally decide to get "mad as hell" and start calling judges, legislators, the DA, etc. Kick up some dust! Otherwise, just sit back and take it. As a matter of a fact, you might want to take a number and wait your turn to become a victim.

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