Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let's send them to San Francisco

For years, I've heard that San Francisco, CA is a great place to be if you are "homeless", a wino, an illegal alien, etc. Since we have so many thugs roaming the streets of Memphis, maybe we should cut our losses and purchase these guys and gals a bus ticket to SF, with the proviso they never return.

Here's what Greyhound Bus lines says it will cost, per person:

Fare Type Qty Passenger Each Total
Refundable Fare
Availability of this fare is limited, only 4 left at this time. 1
Availability of this fare is limited, only 4 left at this time. 1

I'm betting we could get a volume discount, and I'll even buy the flowers for their hair!


Bookmark said...

Great Idea, should not cost much. We can use the city school buses for the trip over the fall break. Should be able to carry around 100,000 thugs over the fall break and christmas break.

John Harvey said...

From an economics standpoint, it makes more sense to send these fine citizens on an extended vacation to beautiful San Francisco. The bus ticket is just under 200.00, and I feel sure we could get a 10% group discount if we loaded up say 30 of them, so that would be 180.00 per ticket X 30, so we're talking $5400.00. Throw in some McDonalds "happy meals" (cause they won't be able to get them in SF)and "it's all good". SF gets more thugs/homeless/winos to coddle, and we get less crime for less money!

Anonymous said...

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. It's near the redwood forests, on the edge of a bay and near the Pacific ocean...with great, fresh seafood.

Not nearly as hot as Memphis and, even though it's a much bigger city than Memphis, with a much more diverse population, the crime rate in San Francisco is much lower than here in Memphis.

So, I have a better idea, Officer Harvey!

Let's work out a deal with San Francisco that for everyone of THEIR criminals a law abiding citizen of Memphis pays to have shipped from San Francisco to Memphis, San Franscisco will give that Memphian (provided he/she is a productive, law abiding citizen) a place to live in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

This would be a win-win situation as it'd help decent people be able to live in a decent city and help get the criminal element off the streets in one of America's greatest cities and Memphis could become kind of like that city the Sheriff in Maricopa County Arizona has set up, which you so admire. There's really not much reason to hope there's a better and brighter future in store for Memphis and/or Shelby County.

This place is full of ignorant, morally bankrupt people who will do nothing to help improve the quality of life here. The truth is, for Memphis, it's just going to continue getting worse, just like Detroit but on a much worse, and larger, scale because Memphis is so much larger than Detroit.

So, let's do what you suggested, but in reverse. Let's bring all the criminals in San Francisco to Memphis and let people remaining here who are law abiding and productive members of society have a home in a truly magnificant city.

John Harvey said...

Now, that's what I like to see - people with their "thinking caps" on. However, your suggestion has several flaws. Let's enumerate, shall we -

1. San Francisco is indeed a beautiful city, and they are known for loving their homeless, illegals, etc. However ,they would never depart with them.

2. You speak of "morally bankrupt" people in Memphis. Ahemm, have you heard anything about some possibly "morally bankrupt" beharior in SF? I think they are the champions of moral bankruptcy.

3. San Francisco is not known for being particularly fond of people who work. They are more known for being a "sanctuary city." A city that takes from the workers and gives to those who refuse to do so.

4. I'm talking about a major export operation here. If we export just the top 1000 thugs, we could cut our crime rate down considerably!

5. And finally, you have to consider the ROI (return on investment - for those in Nutbush). If we spend 250,000.00 to export our thugs, we will not have to spend the millions that group of thugs would cost us, by staying here and doing what they do....