Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thug of the Week - FrankTerryKibryJoeDonFinbyMooreKirby

This week we "honor" another Thug who has transcended the magic number of 100 jail bookings. His first name is Frank,Terry, Kibry, Joe, Don, Finby, Moore or Kirby. His last name is Moore, Kirby, Doe, John, etc. I guess the salient point is this - his rni number is 20149. On his last escapade, FrankTerryKibryJoeDonFinbyMooreKirby went into a store, created a stir, was asked to leave, refused, had to be escorted out, and on the way, kicked the glass out of the front door of the store. Nice guy, huh. FrankTerryKibryJoeDonFinbyMooreKirby has been booked 108 times for similar stuff. Most of FrankTerryKibryJoeDonFinbyMooreKirby's charges have been for public drunk, criminal trespass and such, but he's also done aggravated criminal trespass, aggravated assault, dui, etc. FrankTerryKibryJoeDonFinbyMooreKirby looks like another candidate for the maximum sentence a judge could give. Anyone care to adopt his case? All you have to do is track his progress via the Clerk's website - . Select the option to search for arrests by RNI, then let us know when a disposition is rendered. Some might even want to go down to court and watch the court proceedings.

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