Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Plan - Cut Crime in Memphis and See the World

I have come up with a new idea on how to cut crime in Memphis which won't cost a lot of money and will help our criminal element expand their horizon. It's a plan that would have saved us millions, had we implemented it years ago. Here's the deal:

Instead of going through all the machinations of prosecuting people for their crimes, I think we offer them an option. They could have three choices, maybe four. They can opt out of our "penal" system and instead take a trip. Here are their four possible destinations:

1. Detroit
2. St. Louis
3. New Orleans
4. Atlanta

According to the Greyhound Bus website, a one way (non refundable) ticket from Memphis to Detroit is 103.00. I'll bet we could get a volume discount, if we shipped all 138 of our top folks their way. The 138 people who have been arrested 100 times or more in Shelby County account for over 18,500 arrests. If we calculate those arrests cost the taxpayers $500.00 per incident, which is probably low, we find we have spent 9.25 million dollars on this batch of miscreants. Had we just ponied up the bus fare, we would only have spent $14,214.00. That's a net savings of 9.2357 million.

This program's time has come. I mean, New Orleans did the same thing, except they didn't buy anyone a ticket. Memphis and Houston got flooded with their criminals. Yeah, I know the crime rate in Nawlins is still through the roof, but hey, it could be much worse.

I'm thinking this plan has some potential. Transfer our problems to other areas of the country, where they are criminal friendly - like we used to be. Of course when this group leaves, we would still have over 17,400 criminals who have been arrested 20 times or more (but less than 100) to contend with. Who knows, maybe we could pony up for them too.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

All kidding aside, I think this is a great idea.

I'd like a condition that the people not be allowed to return to Shelby County, but that probably is unconsitutional as a restriction on the right of free travel.

However, if the "trip" were contractual, much like what is known as "Attorney General's Diversion," and a clause in the contract simply delayed prosecution so long as the offender agreed not to return to Shelby County, then I believe it might be workable.

Surely the DA and Shelby County have enough staff attorneys to work out the details.

I'd go one further and say we give them $1500 for start up money in their new home and have some crackerjack attorney figure out how, if the take the money and return to Shelby County, have them then prosecuted as a felon.

It's a great idea, but one with problems that I believe we can solve!


John Harvey said...

I don't think I could support giving them any money, because 1500.00 in a crack addict's hands would be an ugly sight. However, either way, it would still be cheaper in the long run!