Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thug of the Week 1-31-2008

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This week, since the legislature is back in session, I decided to highlight the most arrested female in Memphis. While it's true that she only had about half the arrests that Larry West accrued, she still has a significant number. Kimberly Johnson rni # 68844 has 230 booking numbers, and has been charged with 388 different charges since she started her adult crime career.

A quick look at the charges will show you that "anything goes" with Ms Johnson. She hasn't been to our jail in a while, and I don't see her listed in the SCCC either, so maybe she moved on? Kimberly was last arrested in the area of McLemore and Bellevue, where she has been arrested numerous times before. If you see her, be sure to tell her to "STOP THAT!"

388 charges and 230 arrests just seems a little "wrong" doesn't it? One has to ask the question, "why hasn't someone with some authority done something about these thugs who continue to terrorize Memphis?" I'm asking that right now. Law enforcement is doing their part. Are the judges doing everything they can under the current law? Are the prosecutors? I'm not sure they are. I think even under the current law, more could be done with the repeat offender, if they people who are in charge of the various entities would step up.

Last week we heard from Senator Mark Norris and Representative Curry Todd on the subject and they promised to introduce legislation to address this. I'll be checking on that during this next week, and inviting them and other political leaders to visit this blog and post comments about what their thoughts are. Let's see who steps up to the plate.

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