Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thug Thursday - The First of '08

Laverne Robinson is apparently one of those "secret shoppers", except when she gets caught. Then she becomes a shoplifter, or a person who steals stuff with a value less than $500.00. I'll say this for her, she is persistent. Last year she was arrested 9 times, 5 times in 2006, none in 2005 (must have been on sabbatical), 6 times in 2004 and so on. She has been booked a total of 105 times for every charge we have, it seems. I guess it really isn't fair to call her a shoplifter though, because her charges range from public drunk to aggravated assault, prostitution and she has even tried her hand at selling drugs.

Laverne is currently in jail on a $750.00 bond and holds the rank of fourth most arrested - currently in jail.

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