Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thug of the Week 1-24-2008

This week's "frequent flyer" is Carl Webb. Carl, like many of his fellow occupants of the "cross bar hotel" has been convicted of a multitude of offenses. Carl has visited 201 Poplar, as a temporary resident on 139 occasions since 1982. The charges against Mr Webb have ranged from public drunk to robbery and burglary. Here's a look at some graphical representations of Carl's track record:


Hopefully, this week on the Mike Fleming Show, we will be able to get the ball rolling to help cut crime in Memphis and Shelby County. We will be joined by retired police officer, and current state representative, Curry Todd and Senator Mark Norris to discuss the crime problem. Hopefully, they will take our suggestion for a sentencing matrix and get some legislation passed that puts more pressure on the thugs who practice the black art of thuggery!

Given that we have so many people who keep getting arrested, who can argue that our very way of life is in danger. Law enforcement has been doing the job. Blue Crush is locking criminals up in record numbers, but they are being released back into society even faster. It's not a revolving door, it's more like a proton accelerator!


Anonymous said...

You know what bugs me the most about this crap? Look at the $100 dollar bond... I can't say how many times someone unemployed get arrested and they get a damn $100 bond and they are usually out in 3 days wihtout paying a penny. I also understand overcrowding is an issue as well..

Maybe when Godwin moves all of MPD's operations of out 201 they can expand the jail up floors 2-12.

Anonymous said...

Carl Webb. What more to say? Oh yeah, you left off the 1982 conviction for AGGRIVATED RAPE! I can't count the number of times this dude has threatened to kill me, and the police do nothing.