Tuesday, July 25, 2006

100 Homicides - It's Time to Get Tough!

Memphis has lost 100 citizens since the first of the year due to homicides. Gangs and drugs are at the core of these murders. Aggressive law enforcement and a zero tolerance policy that runs around the clock are going to be needed to stop the killing. It appears the MPD has gotten the message, but the Sheriff is still clueless. He's talking about counseling the children, working with the churches, running "beer stings". (Beer stings are funded by the Governor's Highway Safety Office and have been shown to be ineffective, as in every time they go back to the same stores, they sell beer to minors)

Has anyone heard Mark Luttrell espouse any kind of plan to fight crime during the past four years? I have been there, been out in the streets, sometimes fighting for my life, and I haven't seen or heard a plan! Maybe I missed it. I do remember him cutting 25 officers from Fugitive, the city pulling out of the Metro Gang unit, and refusing to partner with him on a Metro Narcotics Unit. But, I still haven't heard of any comprehensive plan of attack.

I have been saying for the last year and a half that we need a zero tolerance policy that is funded by private donations. (That’s how New York City took their streets back) Looking at Mark's campaign disclosures I can see he has the contacts, he just needs to ask them to pony up, so we can cowboy up!

Here are the results of being clueless:

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