Saturday, July 08, 2006

Helping out or Groping for Legitimacy?

According to news reports, Mark Luttrell is shoving his 170 reserves at the Memphis Police Department, while making sure the cameras are rolling. Mark and his bean counters sold off the "extra" cars the county had always had in reserve so, now the MPD has to furnish cars for them. Director Godwin was magnamimously offering to take the officers and even provide their cars. You see, the MPD commanders know they need more cars than they have officers for just such an instance as this. This is just another indication of why we don't need someone as Sheriff who doesn't have a basis in law enforcement. Here's Director Godwin's statement about providing cars:

Reserve deputies are fully accredited law enforcement officers. They don't have squad cars. No problem says Godwin. "I think law enforcement officers being highly vi sable deters crime," he says. "I think it makes a difference."

The next question is why is Mark more concerned about serious crime in the city, which only rose by less than 4% during the first six months of this year, compared to 17% in the county?

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