Monday, July 10, 2006

Cops are supporting my efforts

I'm starting to receive numerous emails from cops in the mid-south which are supportive. I'll be posting some of their comments here, minus who they are (for their protection), unless they wish to reveal their identities. Here are the first few:


After reading the article in Sunday's Commercial Appeal, I'm convinced that if either Luttrell or French wins the election, Shelby County loses.

Though French might be just as bad as Luttrell or worse, I know what Luttrell is capable of and it's all bad! I cannot stand to see that (explitive deleted) on TV. Eveytime he opens his mouth nothing but lies come out. He's got the citizens of Shelby County hoodwinked.

Congratultion Sheriff Luttrell, you have help make Memphis the murder capital of the USA!

John, you are the only hope. I'm casting my write-ballot for you when early voting starts July 14th.

Do you have any shirts? Do you need signs put up? Let me know how I can help in these last few weeks.

Maybe you cannot prove it on them as to what they are getting in return but Buddy Chapman a tax payer vehicle to drive while the officers are being asked if they rather take off because there are no cars for them to use to protect the citizens of shelby county.

I will have you the tag number of the car this week. In regards to Harvey Kennedy I was told yesterday the other driver and him just exchanged information and Harvey Kennedy went to the traffic office and they did a department accident form. They claim there was no damage but it was at Dick's to be repaired. I have no way of getting that report without not getting in hot water and being on that whipping post for my last 4 years.

In regards to steve shular I will check with my sources to see what proof I can get on this one.

I really like today's article and thanks for helping and letting the truth be known.

Steve Shular has been involved in several accidents in his department car and from what I have heard there were no reports taken just a memo written. Is this fair that the admin gets to do one thing but the officers get another?

Hope this helps.

You had a civil division that used to make 1.5 million dollars that went into the county general fund. The previous Sheriff and the current one has been running these divisions in the ground and now we no longer make that money and the tax payers of Shelby County has had to pick up the tab for that lost revenue.

The Sheriff could turn things around and this would bring more money back in to the county, The Sheriff has the ability to locate defendants better than private process servers since we can run car tags, drivers license, social security numbers and find these people who don't pay their bills, dodge their divorce papers ect. The Judges would be happier because the quality of the returns being done correctly and having a deputy sheriff doing this job will improve the integrity as well. Private process servers have been know to leave the process with anyone and not the defendant, they have been served on Sundays which you have to have an order from the courts to do that.

this might be some more things you would use in your campaign.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've seen his car. He has a "police" car complete with radio and flashing lights. He is even teaching citizens about crime prevention. What a joke. He's having a ball "playing" police.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I believe in what you are trying to accomplish. I wish the voting citizens REALLY knew and REALLY understood.

Anonymous said...

You've got balls...I'll give you that! Tell us what you really think!

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to say who I am, but I'm one of the few officers left in Fugitive. It is pathetic. We aren't making street arrests. They are more concerned about how many attempts we make than the arrests, so guys are hitting projects and getting 15 attempts,then going shopping. When you were here the midnight shift kicked. Everybody knew you were the real deal and you supported your men. They keep taking officers out and never putting them back. We're down about 25 officers since this imposter took over.

Anonymous said...


I see and understand everything that you are talking about, but like one of the other comments stated, "You do not have a chance to win, please step down and concentrate on the next election." I wish you did have a chance to win, because I would like to vote for you, but I can't take the chance of Reginald French winning, sorry man. I think that French is the greater of two evils and if it comes down to French and Luttrell, I would rather have Luttrell. I am afraid you make take votes away from Luttrell and give French the opportunity to slip in. I know you have a whole lot of problems with Luttrell, but I hope you don't like him enough to allow French to get into office. I love your willingness to step forward and take the criticism and point out the truths that no one else will speak out about.

Anonymous said...

The comment left just before me is correct. You won't win....not this time. can prepare for the next election now.
French is part of Willie Wonka's chocolate factory.

Anonymous said...


Everything you have been saying is right on. I'm all about policing and putting a dent in crime. The computer programs you have created have helped me make lots of arrest. If I had a choice between following you in that front door compared to one of these other canidates, I would follow you.

But, for political purposes I will have to go with Luttrell. If French wins, you know he will turn everything over to the Memphis Police Department. French is Heringtons boy, and he will do whatever Herington says. I don't want that to happen, especially for the citizens of Shelby County.

Please consider running in 4 years instead of now, its just not your time. More damage could be done now if you stay in and split the vote. You'll have 4 years to be better prepared and get the nomination for the primary.

Anonymous said...


The others have hit the nail on the head.

If you continue to run for sheriff, this will split the vote opening the door for French to win, and give Herington the power to run the department just like he is running MPD with his "Boy" Godwin in place. We all see the results of this mistake.

Maybe in four years you can step up.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Luttrell could pull out for the sake of the SCSO and let you be Sheriff.

Anonymous said...

I really have my fingers crossed on this election. You and I seemed to have "hit it off" when you were in Fugitive. I guess it's because there are still working law enforcement out there in the world. As you know, I - like you, suffer because of my work ethic. I really hope this venture is successful!

Anonymous said...

You know I don't like either of the other two, but I think we should get luttrel out and then we can work on the next crook.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a nickel's worth of difference between French and Luttrell, except Luttrell has violated his own policies and French hasn't. They both seem to be underhanded and power hungry.

Anonymous said...

Well they are going to start replacing the process officers with retirees and I have heard it will be a lot of larry youngs friends. then after getting done with the process services they will do levy next.

Anonymous said...
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Frustrated Deputy said...

Luttrell is the worst Sheriff I've ever seen. He has a bunch of idiots in command position to boot. If Oldham was such a great cop, why doesn't he EVER field questions or do press conferences? Harvey Kennedy told a bunch of officers that he enjoyed taking our benefits, then they proceeded to start cutting out overtime for several classes of officer, selling off cars, cutting police positions and generally running rough shod over us. Of course, they also brought several people in who contributed heavily to his campaign and made them bosses over the people who were already running things. Cut, cut, cut and now we're running our cars in patrol around the clock. The five thousand mile service is happening within a few weeks. I wish they would all resign and just let us do our job! Dang I wish you could win this thing. I've known you for a long time and I've seen you ability. You have greatly impacted all of law enforcement in the mid south. I hope you stay involved. Best of luck my friend!

HK said...

Hey John. did you hear about Cash up in IAB getting a sexual harasment complaint filed on him by Shirley Verges? Seems like Cash likes chocolate, but she don't play dat! I heard the Sheriff hasn't done anything to him and they are hush hush about it. Then there was an incident where Vicky did a pole dance in the middle of IAB for Jr and nobody said anything. I guess it's the golden rule - they go the gold - they make the rules.

Anonymous said...

Luttrell needs to go. He was terrible at the CC. He threw a fit one time and had to go to anger management!

Anonymous said...

You people are so ignorant about John Harvey, and his motive for the Sheriff's race.

He is only running in order to split the white vote in favor of FRENCH.

He's told several "close" friends this information, who then leaked it to other people.

Have you noticed, Harvey never says anything negative about FRENCH?

He's already been promised a job from the FRENCH campaign, just like he was promised a chief deputy position from RANDY WADE, when WADE was running.

Have you all forgotten Harvey on the podium with RANDY WADE during the last election.

Harvey is a full fledged Democrat. That is why he runs independant.

Hey Harvey, why don't you fill us in on that argument.

Will you promise all of us that if FRENCH does win the election, that you WILL NOT have a job in his administration??

John Harvey said...

Anonymous 6:51 PM

You are wrong, besides being a coward. If you are so courageous, use your own name. Step out here like me and let people know who you are. Come out of the shadows - like a man. I'm running because I don't like EITHER of the two other candidates. I've been promised nothing. The first time I ever met or spoke with Reginald French was at the Cordova Forum. He has offered me nothing and I have asked for nothing.

As for being a democrat. Check my record. You'll see that I have voted exactly 1 time as a democrat and that was for Randy(and it was a hard thing to do). Randy is one of my very best friends whom I have known 30 years and is the only deputy who has ever been to my family reunion. I would have been chief deputy because I know what I'm doing, not just because we are friends. I think the world of Randy and make no apologies about it. He is like a brother to me.

As to what I plan to do when I retire, I don't know just yet. I may work with police departments and S.O.s to implement the cyber-posse concept. I can build houses too, so that is an option. I have given thought to moving to Colorado. I want to die in the Rocky Mountains, but not for a while yet.

As to saying negative things about French - I don't know Mr. French. I know enough about Luttrell and his cronies (which you obviously are) to know that he is unworthy to be Sheriff. You are worried about your job, I would imagine. Many of you appointees will have to go out and work a job as a security guard because you have no job skills.

Anonymous said...

Sorry dude, I just lost respect for you calling people out like you just did. We have to be anonymous, not just because of Luttrell, but no matter who was in office. I am not ready to retire yet, like you and can afford to make these statements out in public. I don'l like being called a coward, if I were, I would not be in this job. I was a supporter of yours, but now I would not vote for you in four years. Not only are you mud slinging the two candidates, but you just slung mud at all of us.

John Harvey said...

Well, I'm sorry about that. It's nothing personal, but if you are going to take shots at me, and if you know me, you know I'm not going to whimper away. I have never been afraid of anyone or anything (except God and my wife). If you have comments you want to make to me voicing your displeasure and you don't want everyone else to see the conversation, send me a private email. I would never divulge your identity. But, if you take a shot at me, be prepared to take one back!

I understand your points, but I disagree with them. My point was bolstered last night by luttrell and french. They both agree it's okay to take money from criminals. Don't tell me french is worse than luttrell because they have already agreed they are the same.

If I run again in four years, maybe you will have had time to forgive me for my agressive behavior. Even if I retire and move on, I'll always have a place in my heart for my brother and sister officers who have gone through the fires with me.

Anonymous said...

In your very first paragraph, you stated "I'll be posting some of their comments here, minus who they are (FOR THEIR PROTECTION), unless they wish to reveal their identities." Now you criticize us for not revealing ourselves, when you know how it is. By the way, I agree with what you say and have always agreed and wish that you could win. I feel that there is a problem and needs to be fixed. I just don't think you have a chance to win, but would like to see you win. I would rather have Luttrell in office over French. Don't post in your first paragraph, that we can post anonymously and then take shots at us for doing it, when you know what can happen, for those of us that can not retire.

John Harvey said...

My friend, I said you can post anonymous, but if you chose to take a shot at me, expect to get one back. That's what that was about. I didn't remove your post as some people do. I left it out there for everyone to see. However, I did fire back that I'm exposed to the public and open for criticism just because I believe neither of the other candidates are qualified. I am aware of that, and I accept it. But, if someone fires a shot at me personally, I do as you would, I defend myself.

I wish I was the independent candidate in the race too, but at the time of the filing deadline, I was laid up in the hospital with back surgery and all those people who were supposed to raise the money to make it happen somehow vanished. Mark has the good old boys pouring money into his coffers (including felons and misdemeanants) and apparently French has the same thing from the other side. Why would you even think of voting for either of them?

Do the right thing. Vote your conscience. Vote for the best candidate - and I appreciate your vote!

another deputy said...

John, you know how these people are. They are extremely insecure and if we were to say who we are on this blog, we would be walking a beat out on Deadfall or worse. I'm with your brother. I have always thought the world of you and your programs and I know you would make a good sheriff. I don't think you can win, but I'm voting for you anyway. It's a vote of my concence(sp).

Oh yeah, keep giving em hell!

Anonymous said...

John, I like you as a Deputy and a person. Your heart is in the right place but you need to look at the big picture. If you continue to run and split the vote, French or should I say Willie Jr will win. All the work we have done over the years will be lost when French hands it over to Willie. I believe you have vision and the abality to keep the Department moving forward. I have heard the lies and seen the political crap from Luttrell but it boils down to the lesser of evils. Look at the Fords, everyone knows they are a bunch are crooks, but the black community would vote for a blind 4 year old if they were the only black person running. Then you have those that vote strick democrat no matter what. We are screwed if Luttrell is back but even worse if Frence gets it. So what do we do? Show support to you and let French get the majority of votes? I'm torn between loyalty and reason. Please consider running full force in 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Only one person has taken a personal shot at you. I have a question for you. Who would you rather have in office out of the two candidates, Luttrell or French?

John Harvey said...

to Anon 1:28 PM

The one personal shot didn't bother me. I understand their antipathy.

As to who I would rather have in office, the order of choice is as follows:

1. Me - I have the demonstrated vision, the technical ability, the law enforcement experience to get the job done.

2. French - He will have to put new players in position and the ones we have now are failing miserably.

3. I hate to even put Luttrell at any position. His problems are numerous, but let me throw out a few off the top of my head:

No experience in law enforcement

No vision or plan since he took office

County part I crimes up 17% this year, while city is up 3% and he is sending the reserves in to fight their
fires while our house is burning.

Consorting with and taking money from shady characters

Consorting with the good old boys and taking money from people who do business with the county.
Luttrell and Wharton have wasted over 32 million dollars by outsourcing inmate feeding to Aramark over
the past four years. (Five dollars, per day, per inmate comes to 9.5 million per year for 201 and the CC)
If they adopted Tipton counties strategy (1.00 per day, per inmate) we would have saved over 32 million in
the last four years. You tell me why that wasn't done.

As I've said on numerous occassions, there are four reasons a person contributes to a candidate:
1. Relatives
2. Close personal friends
3. Support of a vision (think Rudy - and we ain't got any Rudy's around here except me)
4. Buying influence

Too close to Jim Rout, Harold Ford, Sr, Bill Morris, etc.

I could keep going, but I've already filled up several web pages with this.

The most dangerous thing about Luttrell is that he doesn't know that he doesn't know.

Anonymous said...

And you don't think French will fail, he is one of Willies boys and were do you think that will lead. When he worked in Collierville, I think he was fired was he not? I know there was not any evidence to prove he had anything to do with his ex-girlfriends death, but there sure is a lot of coincidences there, too many for me to consider putting someone like him into office. I now know why you are doing this, even though you know you can not win. I would love to vote for you, I think you would be the better of the three, but I would take Luttrell over French any day.

Anonymous said...

Well I see this will be a hard road for you the next few months. This really is pathetic...not to support your own.

Anonymous said...

I would support my own, but he has NO chance to win. He knows he can't win and is only staying in it to get Luttrell out of office, which means FRENCH. When French wins, I want you to blame yourselves. You think it is bad now, just wait. Since he has no chance to win, I have to throw my vote to the lesser of two evils.

John Harvey said...

To anon 5:38

NO, I didn't write that, but I apologize for not removing it. I meant to, but got tied up doing other stuff and never went back to log into the system and remove it. It is gone now, and if something like that appears again, I will turn monitoring on so it will never hit the webpage. My bad.

John Harvey said...

My chances have increased significantly. It turns out you will be able to vote for me using the voting machines. Just punch write in and type my name there. Given that there is no difference in the other two candidates, I am your only choice.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone remember the reason why French was FINALLY fired from the city? He was fired because of bona fide sexual harrassment. He was FIRED. Do you know it must've been really, really bad and really, really true for Willie to fire him? The man is a total sociopath. So, let's look at his scorecard -- fired from Collierville, suspicious ex-girlfriend death and fired from the city by his friend Willie. Oh, don't forget about his "computer" company having questionable business dealings with the city. That was in the newspaper a few months back.

To many people in the city, it truly matters not what French has done in the past. I realize that this is a county-wide election, but there is a large element in the city who would vote for him regardless of past. So, John, help Shelby County by stepping down and not splitting the vote. You'll do more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you seen what John said, he would rather see FRENCH in office over LUTTRELL. I don't know why, but he will do anything to take votes away from LUTTRELL to alow FRENCH in. I am beginning to wonder if what one of the other comments was right, maybe John does have a deal with FRENCH, don't know this, but thats what it is beginning to look like. Wake up people!

a deputy said...

John, I agree with you. Luttrell is as bad or worse than French because he IS the Sheriff and he's doing the same stuff. Hanging out with the white thugs. French is hanging with Willie and Luttrell is hanging with the Belzs and HYneman and Bobby Lanier and Morris and on and on. Your are dead right, he should not be taking money from people who do business with the ocunty. It is too easy for corruption to creep in and it appears it has. Otherwise, Luttrell would never have taken the money and he would be able to see the problem as clearly as that commentator on channel 3. You got my vote and my family and friends votes. If either of the other candidates win, the results will be the same, but at least if a new sheriff gets elected, he will have to spend time getting his crooked team in place. This one is already up and ruining, so to speak. Maybe next time you can run as the Republican or independent and really win the thing.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Luttrell and French are not the ideal candidates for sheriff, but Lutrell has reduced the SD budget, worked to get 201 accredited and removed from the consent order and has reduced the number of inmate lawsuits. He has no control over the increase in crime. Let's not be stupid or naive -- we know there are many complex reasons why crine is on the upswing.

French's record I think is worth a brief review - fired from Collerville PD, questionable girlfriend death (right before she was going to court to testify against him, hmmmm...) and sexual harassing city employees. And that's what is known. Who knows what else he's done.

John, (for all I know, you live in Fayette County or Southaven)if you care about those of us who live in Shelby County, the county where you earn your money, you would please save your time and effort and run in four years. Not now. You'll split the vote and put French in office. You will be to blame when French takes office and brings his possee of undesirables on board.

If French takes office, I feel sorry for every man and woman who puts his/her life on the line for the SD. You will have zero support from the top. French is not in this game to provide service to the citizens. He's in it to make the county his oyster and take what he feels to which he is entitled.

Please John, back out.

John Harvey said...

Perhaps Luttrell and French are not the ideal candidates for sheriff, but Luttrell has reduced the SD budget, worked to get 201 accredited and removed from the consent order and has reduced the number of inmate lawsuits. He has no control over the increase in crime. Let's not be stupid or naive -- we know there are many complex reasons why crime is on the upswing.

Well, let's be honest. The federal judge who ordered the fixing of the jail and the consultants who the county tax payer paid millions of dollars are the ones who fixed the jail. Mark Luttrell just happened to be the Sheriff at the time. Those consultants were already on the job. I know because I wrote the first version of the jail webpage so that the public and bondsmen could access that information via the web. That was one of the first things the consultants wanted. Therefore, you might say I helped fix the jail.

As for saving money, yes he did cut a lot of stuff and that's part of the problem. He cut about 25 officers out of the Fugitive Bureau. If I hadn't had the idea to put warrants on the web and written the website, plus the WASP program, we would be much worse off in that area. That project enabled us to distribute the workload and thereby cut the warrant backlog by 5,000 in one year, in spite of Mark Luttrell. He also cut narcotics down to about 12 officers (the MPD refused to partner with him), the gang unit has about the same number of officers. Civil division has been totally ignored. That division used to bring in 1.5 million a year - not today.

As for impacting crime, he says he can impact it by sending our 170 reserves into the city to help the MPD. The facts are that serious crimes (part I crimes) are up 17% in the county this year, while they are only up 3% in the city. What kind of leader sends his resources elsewhere when they are needed in the county? Let me point out that a Sheriff who had a clue could impact crime. Take New York City for example. When Dinkins was mayor, it was one of the worst cities in the world. Rudy took over and said he was going to fix it. People laughed at him. The bottom line is - he took care of business and now New Your City is one of the safest cities in the US. Don't try that one man can't make a difference stuff. It won't fly. I believe I can make as big a difference here because of my knowledge, skills and abilities, as Rudy did in New York.

I attempted to work with Mark Luttrell over these last four years, but he is clueless, worse than that he is arrogant and hypocritical. He runs with a crew of shady people who have lots of money and use it to buy the influence of all the politicians. They have supported the Sheriff, no matter who it was, over the past 40 years. Bill Morris, Jim Rout, Bobby Lanier and the rest of this shadow conspiracy have all but ruined this community for their own selfish interest. I hope to break the back of this group by defeating Mark Luttrell as the first of many crooked politicians.

Anonymous said...

I would like to vote for you, but you don't have a chance to win,so there for I can not waste my vote and take a chance that French will be elected. I know you would rather see French in office over Luttrell, but French is also doing the same things and has a more questionable past than Luttrell. The only reason you are staying in the race is to try and take votes away from Luttrell, you know that there is no chance that you will win. The Deputy's votes are not enough to get you elected and you can never sway the citizens votes. I am sorry that the rest of you can not see this and you are going to attempt to help John get French elected. I feel very sorry for this county if French makes it into office, more so than if Luttrell is re-elected. I hope you people know what you are doing.

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

"I attempted to work with Mark Luttrell over these last four years, but he is clueless, worse than that he is arrogant and hypocritical. He runs with a crew of shady people who have lots of money and use it to buy the influence of all the politicians. They have supported the Sheriff, no matter who it was, over the past 40 years. Bill Morris, Jim Rout, Bobby Lanier and the rest of this shadow conspiracy have all but ruined this community for their own selfish interest. I hope to break the back of this group by defeating Mark Luttrell as the first of many crooked politicians."

I agree 100% with the above. It's unfortunate that many in the REpublican party don't see that bunch that control what is done. Maybe you have a chance at changing things though. You sure have flipped the applecart in the election process!

Anonymous said...

How did you become Lt. John Harvey in the sheriff's office? You talk about this good ole boy network that is still around today. You were promoted during the good ole boy days, so what did you do for the past administrations to get your bars? And you can't sit there and say he cut all these people in these divisions when they've had more than 75 deputies retire in the past 2 years.

I would like to know how crimes in the county are up 17 percent compared to memphis who has a higher population. How many homicides happen in the city compared to the county that the deputies patrol?

Funny how the consultants were attempting to fix the jail under the last administration but failed twice under A.C. and Luttrell just happened to be the sheriff....give me a break.

Memphis Director Godwin pulled his officers out of the gang unit not the other way around. You have obviously been offered a job by French to try to do as much damage as you can to this election. Next time you talk about one of these candidates taking money from felons, I should hear you blast both of them for taking the money not just one.


John Harvey said...

I became Sgt because Jack Owens saw that I was capable when I put the Jump and Grab and Caveat Emptor programs in narcotics together which resulted in taking several thousand drug users and hundreds of dealers off the streets. I also tooled the Fugitive squad on the first go round, and if Jack hadn't killed himself, I would have been the Chief of Narcotics. I made Lt because a friend believed in my abilities and spoke up for me with AC Gilless. Promotions in the SCSO have rarely been about what you can do, they are about who you know. Otherwise, I would be a chief today.

Now for some basic math. Crime is up in the county by 17% because that's what the numbers add up to. Check with the UCR reports if they ever make them available.

The consultants took as long as they could, so they could make as much money as they could. Mark just happened to be there when they finished. He didn't come in and make this stuff happen.

Godwin pulled his officers is all I know for certain. We can speculate as to why. I believe it is because Luttrell is clueless.

My brother retired from the department and is now making 8,000.00 per month in his new endeavor. I love both my brothers and would do anything for them. Neither of them are criminals.

Now, you are a coward - Mr Anonymous. You are apparently concerned that you are going to lose your job, when Luttrell loses his. I understand that, but you knew that when you took the job - didn't you. I'm sorry you picked a dying horse.

I asked a group of about 50 people tonight if they thought the Sheriff should be taking money from convicted felons. Guess what, they were all appalled that Mark Luttrell took the money, then said he would think about it in the future and then decided he was just like Reginal French and it is okay with him to take money from felons - a direct violation of long standing departmental policy. I also spoke with a minister tonight who said the Luttrell camp had called and asked to come speak to his church. He said he declined because he didn't think the Sheriff should be taking money from convicts either. I have been invited to speak to his flock, by the way. Better get that resume out.

Anonymous said...

Some people will stoop to anything. I guess Lutrell is really getting worried to have his minions take swipes at you. I admire your spirit, you don't let them push you around like 99.99999999% of the other deputies. Of course, I have known that about you for a long time, and it's one reason I respect you. Keep after them!

Anonymous said...

Well anyone want to comment on the latest round of promotions? Specifically Deadrick Smith?? Midnight Patrol? Commissioned 4 years??

John Harvey said...

Well, I might if I knew the list. How about posting who got promoted - 5 days before the election!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... Let's See.

Chris Harris
Kevin "Smiley" Helms
Mike Land
Deadrick Smith

Now can anyone post hire dates or time on?

And let's see if it matches what Luttrell stated would be the minimum requirements for time on??

John Harvey said...

I'm not as familiar with the other two officers, as a matter of fact, I'm not sure I've ever met Deadrick Smith, but ... as to the following:

Kevin "Smiley" Helms is an excellent officer who has certainly been on long enough to be promoted. He has also been a good officer.

Mike Land is way overdue for promotion. He is another excellent officer who is deserving.

Butterick is a loser.< G > Just kidding. I worked with him in GIB and he is a fine officer. He should also have been promoted years ago.

Like I said, I know Harris, but am not sure about his tenure and don't know Smith. One thing I would like to point out is to not get wrapped up in jealousy. I've celebrated "passover" so many times, it isn't even funny.
These guys have families just like we do and they are just trying to do the best for them. While I wanted to be promoted too, I had no control over that. I did everything I could think of to make the SCSO a better agency, even to the point of having Microsoft hightlight some of my work, but Mark Luttrell apparently didn't like me. He is the only one you should blame for promotions that didn't get made, not the ones who got them.