Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Is it Ethical?

While doing some research into other instances around the country where Sheriff's had gotten into trouble because they were befriending convicted felons, I came across many articles that were somewhat similar. Numerous Sheriff's have been indicted for violating the public trust by "consorting" with known vendors. Kickbacks, payoffs and campaign contributions from vendors who do business with the Sheriff's Office are the usual offenses. I decided to look into this and have found some more contributions that I believe are not ethical. They are legal, just not ethical.

People or Businesses who:

1. sell cars to the county or
2. provide medical services to the county or
3. provide food services for the inmates or
4. service the radio systems for the county or
5. do any kind of business with the county should not contribute to the Sheriff.

I am putting a file together on these contributors and will post Luttrell's entire campaign disclosure forms once I obtain the latest installment.

I believe there is a reason these people contribute to the Sheriff's campaign and it is called influence. I also believe that is wrong. I am pretty sure that Mark Luttrell will disagree because he thinks taking money from convicted drug dealers is ok. I have ALWAYS been taught that deputies should avoid "even the appearance of impropriety" and I have adhered to that concept. I call upon both Reginald French and Mark Luttrell to repudiate such practices.

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Anonymous said...

What, it gets even worse. Don't these politicians have a clue! Damn!