Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shame on Mark Luttrell

From News3's website:

In their first live televised debate, both incumbent Sheriff Mark Luttrell and Democrat Reginald French answered some tough questions.

Especially on campaign contributions. Both admitted taking money from convicted felons.

"I make no apologies for working with people who are contributing to the betterment of society who have paid their debt to society," says Luttrell.

I see in the debate that French and Luttrell believe it is ok to take money from Cocaine dealers and other criminal types. French gets a pass on this because he is under no policy. Luttrell is violating the SCSO Policy against fraternizing with person's of ill repute. It's not Rusty or Tanner or anyone else, it's Luttrell violating our policy, not the law. Here is the policy:

SOR 110
“An employee will avoid developing associations or dealings with persons, other than immediate family members, who they know, or should have known, are persons under criminal investigation or indictment, who have been imprisoned or convicted of a felony, who are known criminals, or who are involved in criminal activity except as necessary in the performance of official duties.”

The salient part of this policy says, "who they know, or should have known, are persons under criminal investigation or indictment, who have been imprisoned or convicted of a felony, who are known criminals, or who are involved in criminal activity". This means that Luttrell should have known about those three felons, but also Harold Ford, Sr. who gave him $1000 and had been indicted. Bobby Lanier also fits into this group as do several others but Luttrell thinks he is above the policy. All the while, he punished deputies for just visiting a man.

Wm. B. Tanner was under indictment at the time Luttrell attended a fund raiser at his home where Joe Cooper was also in attendance. The policy also says we are to "avoid developing associations or dealings ". I believe attending a party at his home was both developing an association and dealing with Mr Tanner. We don't know what kinds of “deals” were discussed, but Wm B. Tanner had a history of "deals" as I recall.

It appears Mark and Reginald are actually the same person, doesn't it. The distinction is that Mark is the Sheriff. Shame on you Mark Luttrell for associating and dealing while punishing for less than your infractions.


Frustrated Deputy said...

Exactly! There is a big difference between someone paying their debt to society and what the department policy says about running around with them. The policy doesn't say anything about a time period, or whether or not a person had their rights restored, or expunged, or anything else. He is such a HYPOCRITE if he thinks he can dog out officers for just visiting someone, when he's raking in the cash! I'm with you brother, I'm pissed off too, but I am not in your position. I can't retire yet and I don't want them chopping my head off. I hope he looses and I don't care who gets in there. At least his stupid, pompus ass will be gone. What a joke. If he wants to get you, he'll sick IAB on you and use this policy if they can. Damn I'll be glad when he's gone. If he looses, I'm going to make sure I tell him how I feel - election night!

deputy said...

I've had to sit through thse "ethics" classes where kennedy or oldham tell us to avoid the appearance of impropriety. Now the head idiot is out there hanging with drug dealers and other thugs. Leadership to Respect? Yeah, right.

Kim Guleff said...

Crime in Memphis! What has happened?! Here I am a transplanted NYer and I think the city is safer than Memphis. Here is the TRUTH- May 23rd, my home was Burgaled- my collection of Jewelry and some WEAPONS were stolen. I am a Graduate Gemologist and a proffesional appraiser. The police can not take any finger prints, they have no leads... I start working to recover my items- they are odd... I have a good shot at spotting them. I go pawn shops, send lists to Estate Jewelers, send lists to Auction houses and check Ebay! Holy Cow there are my things selling at bargin basement prices in Horn Lake MS. I mean REALLY on Ebay. I call the MPD (it is friday) I call Hubby and Mom (her ring was taken too) and I think I have GOT A CASE!
I have reciepts, Appraisals, and EXPERTISE what else do you need MPD! The police do decide 4 days later to go see the seller and what do they tell me "She is a nice Lady take her to Civil Court" WHERE WAS THE SEARCH WARRENT! I think, what am I chopped liver? I am of course not a nice lady who just had a bad day...I mean of course, I burgled my own home and sold my stuff on ebay for 90% off wholesale-
I don't really want to take her to court- seems just so ugly- I just want my property back. So after the police tell her they are not going to press any charges and they give me the run around- I have to have my Husband go and talk with her- I go the same night- we come to an agreement- get my property back or I will sue! REALLY I will!
So she starts getting my things back- Then for some reason she sends a letter full of the WORST EXPLATIVES (I can send it to you) you can imagine to my sister who has been working to help me recover my items from day one when we found them.
It is the lax attitude of MPD, HornLake Police, DA, and don't get me started on Ebay, that have put me dealing with a FENCE.
Yet here I sit one of the LUCKY ones someone who has at least one peice back...and it makes my stomache hurt just thinking about it! I am willing to use my talent (and I am good) to help others. I want CYBER POSSE- I WANT TO BE THE NORM- I WANT TO BEAT THE BAD GUYS! I WANT GUILIANI (SP)- SO LETS GET TOGETHER- SEND ME YOUR LIST OF STOLEN JEWELRY AND WE CAN SEARCH THE GLOBE FIND IT RESTORE YOUR TREASURES TO YOU- AND BEAT THE BAD GUYS. I HAVE NOT YET BEGUN THE FIGHT! So watch out you bad people because I am mad, driven, and CARE! And not just about myself!
Kim Guleff
Wife of Canditate Tom Guleff-don't take it out on him that I am a Yankee, well... I still think he tricked me living in NY...
Thank you for your time

Anonymous said...

Deputy said...
You don't care who gets in office for Sheriff...are crazy?? You're telling me you would rather have French as Sheriff? Who doesn't have a clue what he is getting himself into and what it takes to be a Sheriff who has never been in law enforcement. You go right ahead and say that and throw your vote away in this election. You'll be wearing a blue uniform by the end of the year if he wins. I have said it before, I would rather have Harvey but the way John Harvey blasts Luttrell so much makes me think Harvey is working for French and is doing everything he can to take the votes away from Luttrell.

John Harvey said...

To anon 1:48

Who doesn't have a clue what he is getting himself into and what it takes to be a Sheriff who has never been in law enforcement.

You cannot be a deputy, or you would know that the above statement describes luttrell, not french. French has made a handful of arrests, luttrell never has. Luttrell asked the entire command staff "what authority do we have to make arrests in Bartlett" - just last year! Luttrell is the one who is clueless, and you are apparently one of his appointees - hoping you can hold onto your cushion.