Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Meritorious Service Award for Law Enforcement Officers

I received an email from MPD officer, Brian White, after Mike Fleming talked about this blog on his show yesterday. He claims that he and his partners are very familiar with our Grand Prize winner - Kimberly Johnson - due to having arrested her so many times. He felt they should receive some sort of award for having attempted to rehabilitate her on so many different occasions. I agreed and have emailed an award similar to the one I am posting here to Officer White and his partners, Matthew Miller and Joseph Moore. I also got a posting on this blog by officer Allen, where he said he had arrested Larry West on numerous occassions. If he will send me an email with his full name, he too shall be commended!

As law enforcement officers, we do our job and our part to help these people, but the prosecutors and judges fail them miserably. How can a person have been arrested 200 times? The prosecutor should be jumping up and down when he or she encounters a person who is constantly returning to the system. The judges should also be working to make sure these people aren't returning. I decided to raise this issue because I believe the repeat offender is our biggest problem. By shedding light on a subject that the DA and the judges probably don't want you to discuss, maybe we can effect some change. Behavior modification will work on them, just as it will work on criminals. Turn the heat up and watch them change behavior.

Click the image below to enlarge the award I presented to officer Brian White:

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