Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Find the Cost of Freedom

The top ten offenders in the Recidivism Sweepstakes have been arrested a total of 1,346 times. If the cost of each event was factored at $500.00 per, those ten people will have cost the taxpayers over $673,000.00. When do we, as taxpaying citizens, stand up and say ENOUGH! I'm reminded of the movie where the guy goes to the window and yells "I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Five years ago, the Memphis metro area didn't even appear on the most dangerous list. Today we sit at number three.

I have done all I know to do, to raise the awareness of the community to this problem. The leaders of our community are political opportunists, who have no vision, no passion and basically no concern. They are concerned about being re-elected and nothing else. The "Culture of Corruption" has allowed this to persist. People with extremely deep pockets choose the leaders from both parties and the criteria is not what it should be.

I don't know what will happen in this election, but I fear the worst. I don't see good candidates in the races that matter. The current Sheriff has never even made an arrest, didn't know as late as last year what authority he had to make arrests in Bartlett, and has said we don't have a big drug or gang problem in the county schools. His opponent has been accused of cutting tires, cutting deals and being closely allied with the city mayor. I am the only one who has a vision, a plan and a track record of accomplishment in law envorcement. However, if I win the race, it will make national news. For me to win will take divine intervention. Fortunately, my God is not dead!

The other leaders in law enforcement have only started to "ramp up" within the last few months. Where have they been? I'll tell you, playing golf, tennis or anything but taking care of business. You've heard of "No Deals." Listen to the words, but watch the deads. If there were a requirement for truth in advertising, it would be more accurately called, "Let's Make a Deal".

Similar to a question Ronald Reagan raised once upon a time, I ask, Are You Safer Today Than You Were Four Years Ago? The incumbents don't want you to know what the data says, because they have failed you miserably.


Wintermute said...

That's the flip side of "Ohio" by CSN&Y.

You mean this movie?

John Harvey said...

Yes, it is also called "MUSIC!" These kids today listen to noise. Rap and music should never appear in the same paragraph!< G >