Monday, July 31, 2006

Sheriff Luttrell says its a Scorched Earth Policy

I agree, he has implemented a scorched earth policy at the Sheriff's Office. Anyone who dares not support him stands to get burned, as I was. Three lieutenants were transferred into the Fugitive Bureau on the same day in May of 2005. I was one as were Larry Hill and Juan Settles. I hired in 9/2/75, Larry Hill hired in 6/1/88 and Juan Settles hired in 9/23/90. I had 13 more years seniority than Larry and 15 years more than Juan. Both officer's seniority combined didn't add up to mine. Don't get me wrong, these are good officers, but I've done a thing or two myself. I should not have been sent to midnights, unless I requested it. However, I was sent to the midnight shift and given a marked car with a cage. All the other field commanders were given the white unmarked cars, without cages, which is normal. The administration was sending out a message.

This year Capt Bobby Simmons got scorched as well. He was ordered to report to the "Report Center" at the substation in late May. The problem with that is, there is no longer a "Report Center", as it was closed down the first week of June. When I last spoke with Captain Simmons, last week, he was still reporting to the same office, but now the eight clerks that were there aren't. He is a Captain without a ship, so to speak. Captain Simmons reports to an office that has a desk and a chair, and him.

The "Report Center" has been the "whipping post" for ranking officers since Inspector Judy Hughes occupied it for the past year. Judy made the mistake of filing an EEOC complaint against the administration, then found herself no longer in charge of Fugitive, where she had a Captain, several Lieutenants, more Sergeants, and a few more Patrolmen under her command. She now had eight clerks.

Mark also told Mike Fleming that I am a liar. Well, we'll see about that. He is the one who has lied. While on the Mike Fleming show, he stated that he had never made the statement, "what authority do we have to make arrests in Bartlett?" Mike took it at face value, because, after all, he is the Sheriff. And, we know Sheriff's wouldn't lie, don't we. Well retired Lt Bubba Winkler, agrees with me, Mark Luttrell did make that statement and we were both in the room. Mark is definitely the liar. Listen to me interview Lt Winkler and you decide. Which of us has a reason to lie?

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Lutrell is another bad man. Damn, I hate that you aren't an independent candidate. I'm voting for you anyway, because the other two appear to be the same person!