Friday, July 14, 2006

Do You Know These People?

I am very upset about the current Sheriff's taking money from convicted felons, people who have been indicted, arrested, imprisoned, etc (which is a violation of departmental policy) and the people who do business with the county. I know of several on the contributor list, but I need some help determining if many of the people listed have a business relationship with the county. I am posting Luttrell's disclosure forms and ask you to review them. If you know of someone who owns a business or works in a management position for a company that does business with the county, please post that information. I will be adding to the list as time goes and I've already spoken with some reporters on this matter. They are on the story, so if you can help do the research, I would appreciate it very much and I think the voting public would like to know as well.

If you would like to download the files you can rightmouse click and "save target" on these links:


another deputy said...

John - I see Richard Diggons. I think he owns Diggons Body Shop and they fix the cars and do towing for the SCSO.
I agree with you. They should not be giving money to the Sheriff.

We have a gang problem - elected officials said...

Are there any developers who DIDN'T give him money? What can the Sheriff do for developers? Can they buy property or land or something at the Sheriff's sales? Do you think they might be getting the heads up on property that is about to be sold?

What is Mr sleezy, oh I know there are so many on these lists, but Bobby "pimp" Lanier doing giving Luttrell money? I guess he wants to make sure the next time he gets indicted, he'll have a nice cell! Talk about underworld types.

I'd like to thank you John, for having the courage to expose Luttrell. He has had everyone fooled up until now.

Anonymous said...

I see Harold Ford is giving him money and why didn't you say anything about Raymond Hazel? Raymond is a convicted felon too! I know why Harold Ford is giving him money - he wants him to keep his ass out of jail.

Anonymous said...

John, I thought you could only contribute $1000.00 per campaign, per person? Did that law change?

Whoever Metcalf Crump is, gave him 1500.00 since he was elected and before the primary according to the page

Can you report him to the election commission? Well, you ain't got any friends over there do you?

Anonymous said...

CMS - isn't that the company that just signed a contract for 5 million dollars to provide health services to the jail and correctional center? That is on wwluttrell18.jpg