Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mark Luttrell wins Internet Award

The results are in and Mark Luttrell is now forever branded a BAD COP. He was recently awarded the dubious honor of “Bad Cop” by the and websites. The information that he has taken money from criminals is now posted on both websites and an rss newsfeed. Apparently, like some of the local commentators, news reporters, and me, these sites believe taking money from criminals is not what a Good Cop does. As you might have surmised, I agree, particularly with their slogan – “incredibly stupid things people do to themselves and others.” Here are some links to their sites and an excerpt:
Bad Cop News And More Bad Cop News

“Incredibly Stupid Things People Do To Themselves And Others.”

Click on the following links for more of the stories:

Shelby County Tennessee Sheriff Mark Luttrell Accepted Money For Election From Criminals.

There is also a newsfeed for information on Bad Cops that has picked this story up at:

Bad Cop News US Headlines -

Channel 3's Norm Brewer Commentary

July 12, 2006 09:46 AM CDT

In Tuesday night's political debate seen live on Newschannel 3 Anytime, both Sheriff Mark Luttrell and his opponent, Reginald French, defended the campaign contributions each had received from people with criminal records. The money came with no strings, no request for special favors, they said. The money came from men who had "paid their debt to society" and were entitled to "a second chance," they said. Well, that may sound nice, perhaps even logical. But it rings hollow in a community where political corruption has become topic A and is feeding an urgent search among concerned officials and civic interests for higher ethical standards in local government. It also flies in the face of the Caesar's Wife rule which has long held that public leaders must avoid not only evil but also the appearance of evil. This laissez faire approach to the principle of conflict of interest came as something of a surprise from Mark Luttrell who has always enjoyed a squeaky clean image. Less so, perhaps, from Reginald French whose pubic record is not without controversy in his personal conduct and in his business dealings with the city. But if either or both these men think the people are equally as unconcerned they are wrong. Newschannel 3 is the Memphis station on your side


Anonymous said...

wouldn't he actually have to BE or have BEEN a cop to receive that award? lol

Don't you wish you knew which Deputy this is Mark! said...

Haha, you have a very valid point there. What an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Do they have a website for hypocrites too?

a cop who don't take money said...

I swear I hope he loses. I can't wait to see his entourage do like Elvis - leave the building! I'll be more than glad to help them pack!

Anonymous said...

Luttrell is a liar. In the newspaper article, when he was interviewed, he said the following:

Yet, in the wake of a series of local scandals that have raised sensitivity about money and its influences on politics, Luttrell says he’s giving more thought to who’s giving to his campaign.

“In the future I would certainly look at that,'’ the sheriff said.

Then when he was on the debate, he said it was ok. I guess the good old boys told him not to worry.

He is just like French! I agree John neither one of them is fit to be dog catcher.